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6/30 c1 taiwoeretan1
6/6 c1 10Kofukuna Shi no Kami
Just read the first few paragraphs. Your writing style is definitely lackluster (or at least the revised one is) and doesn't really paint a great image for readers, with weak geatures, flat dialogues, and just straight out bad expressions/word use. Obviously, I get it if you don't write for others and don't really care, I juts wanted to point it out.
5/24 c30 Ali3317
Wow! Such an amazing fic! Really wished there would be more narutoxkonan fics that were as long ,or longer than, this that somewhat follow cannon but I suppose it wasn’t meant to be. I am a little disappointed that there was no sequel made (The Next One) which would have been really good
5/2 c30 Guest
when do you continúe this history?
3/20 c9 Brolythesaiyan044
Why is it so slow
2/21 c30 bonkxd
so konan still aged after taking kaguyas power? lmao
2/14 c13 2SageTempzt
Alright my bad hehe
2/14 c13 SageTempzt
Naruto really just Joey Sakura talk such shit like the fuck why don’t you say sim shit but whatever it’s a good story so far
2/13 c14 Guest
Oh no... Sakura's dead... So sad... What are we going to do now that Pinky the useless isn't here anymore ?
Apart from the fact that I don't like her character and therefore wouldn't care much about her dying, the fact that Naruto has the rinnegan makes me even less invested in that scene since this particular dojutsu can bring back the dead to life.
2/13 c13 Guest
... Did Naruto really said that Nagato did nothing wrong ?
Where you on drug when you write this chapter ?
2/13 c8 Guest
Hair colour is not like painting you can't just "mix" them to create a new one. Genes don't work like that, if being red haired is a dominant gene then Naruto should be a red hair not orange because he was blond before.
It made 0 sense and actually made me stop reading for a moment.
1/7 c30 WolfWTF
Best Naruto and Konan story I have ever read. The plot was awesome with intense moments. I actually spend most of my online lessons just reading the story. Anyways brilliant story, mad respect for finishing it, because its not common to see finished stories.

Hope your doing fine during these times.
Take care.
Respect bro.
12/28/2020 c2 Taukmi foojiwara
dammmmnn such a good book you got me hooked up on this from the first paragraph you wrote of the first chapter wow just amazed at the amount of detail please continue writing such good books
12/27/2020 c30 20SSJ3 Kyuubi Gohan
Good story. In particular I give significant points to how you played Tobi, I always respect uniqueness and it was a great twist.
12/26/2020 c30 Guest
Awesome story my friend you kept me up with your story you are an awesome writer, cant wait for your sequel and I wish your story was canon, Kishimoto should take this story to consideration
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