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10/11 c14 Pinumbit
I realized just now why Sakura had to die here. It's complicated to have two love interests lol
10/8 c1 Pinumbit
It actually makes sense if Konan is a Senju. Paper is, after all, made of wood pulp. So, even if it isn't canon, I'd like to think that paper jutsu is wood release.

It's also a good move that Obito doesn't exist anymore in here, especially if Sasuke is purely evil. The sad thing about it, however, is that Naruto does not get to fight alongside Minato. I loved the father-son tandem in canon. Plus, it brought closure to Naruto with his parents, and gave him the chance to reply to Kushina's last words.

Kushina teasing Naruto about his crush on Konan brings a smile to my face, though. It reminds me of Kushina in Road to Ninja. I love Kushina lol

That last bit on Konan aging slowly, though. I loved it. It's like she's budget Kaguya.

Great great piece in here.
10/8 c30 Pinumbit
This was beautiful. Although I remember Naruto saying in the anime that he wishes to have straight red hair like Kushina lol. Great stuff! I'm still shaken at the fact that you killed Sakura and Sasuke off. I guess it's essential for the story. Oh, and the cute pup bijuu? That's a great addition. Great stuff!
10/8 c17 Pinumbit
Oh boy you made Konan a Senju? Ohoho omoshiroi
10/8 c14 Pinumbit
Oh boy. I am shaken.
10/8 c13 Pinumbit
Good move, not writing the Sasuke and Itachi bit. That would be unnecessarily long. Besides, we are here to read on what if Konan survived her fight with Obito.
10/8 c10 Pinumbit
Yeah boi! Slow burn romance is the realistic stuff! Not the kiss and "I love you" and "I realized I love you" and live happily ever after. No bois!

Lots of so-called romance authors could take notes from you. Great stuff!
9/29 c26 Malatji Unarine
Why hasn't naruto used any other path besides the deva path for example he could use the naraka path to heal konan the same way pain did with his paths
9/3 c1 1realfan16
Ugh this chapter destroyed all the awesomeness of Pein-sama TT_TT Pain-taichou is just wrong on so many lvls *pulls of hairhow could you TT_TT *shrug* o well next chapter (secretly happy about the fact that the fic is complete *deserves claps*)
8/17 c1 Effecteyvee
It's been a year since I read this story and it's still pretty great.

Every positive note in my last comment stands. This story has really complex interactions and eerily realistic choices made by the characters. I applaud you for Konan above all else, she went from a one note henchman to a tragic broke woman with anxiety and ptsd. I don't think you quite explore Naruto's philosophy to its full st extent, but he was still fleshed out.

The problems I brought up in my last comment still stand. I'm retracting on categorising the pacing as amazing, I still think it's a really good slowburn with tension and States, but a lot of the story felt like it could have had more development. This is most previlant in the halfway point when the plot unravels and we get into the action bits.

The twists and turns of the story didn't really leave a lasting impact, in all honesty the most intruiging twist was the one in the end where Konan ages slower. Konan being a Senju leaves some holes in the worldbuilding of og Naruto that wasn't really changed except for a few tweaks.

There wasn't much creativity built into the multiple Naruto x Konan scenes, they're solid and nuanced character interactions but the variety was lackin and I felt worn out after seeing them hug and sulk before talking about an issue one of them had.

I know I complained a lot, but please don't take this as a hate comment or me disliking the series. I really despise all the people in your comment sections flaming you. I follow the belief that critism is often more helpful to the author, so I wanted to convey the problems I had with the series. 8/10
6/30 c1 taiwoeretan1
6/6 c1 11Kofukuna Shi no Kami
Just read the first few paragraphs. Your writing style is definitely lackluster (or at least the revised one is) and doesn't really paint a great image for readers, with weak geatures, flat dialogues, and just straight out bad expressions/word use. Obviously, I get it if you don't write for others and don't really care, I juts wanted to point it out.
5/24 c30 Ali3317
Wow! Such an amazing fic! Really wished there would be more narutoxkonan fics that were as long ,or longer than, this that somewhat follow cannon but I suppose it wasn’t meant to be. I am a little disappointed that there was no sequel made (The Next One) which would have been really good
5/2 c30 Guest
when do you continúe this history?
3/20 c9 Brolythesaiyan044
Why is it so slow
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