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8/15/2020 c30 Elle4Life
Awesome story
8/11/2020 c30 Gg
Really loved this one. I haven't seen much of this pairing so it's pretty rare. Most of them are harem routes. The story was kinda rushed but again its just a fanfiction of what would happened in the Canon story if konan was saved by Naruto. Great work
8/7/2020 c4 2Kage-Shino
Yeah, sorry. It's canonically about 19 years.
7/23/2020 c1 pp
7/19/2020 c4 Heaven34
Wait. Why didn’t she just run away or even fly.
7/14/2020 c27 Joseph Joestar
Pedo much Yahiko?
7/14/2020 c25 Picklebob
("I think I have a little left in me as well."[Naruto Episode 19- The Demon in the Snow]
7/14/2020 c24 Picklebob
I mean the show is named after him soo... yeah, of course he's the hero of the story
7/14/2020 c13 Picklebob
I could hear that slap from across the Internet
7/7/2020 c30 Guest
First of all Pleaassesse come back. the actual love parts were good and i enjoyed that and background information added was good . I just think i kinda dragged in some parts . Then the whole buildup only for them to be toghter for two chapters like realllllllly . It was goood but like i got invested so much only for two chapeters of them actually naruto/konan please come back
7/5/2020 c1 Guest
shit fic don't read
6/29/2020 c5 Guest
6/29/2020 c8 Guest
I have to stop here. Good premise,extremely boring execution. Watching paint dry is more exciting.
6/17/2020 c30 AcidESP
It is a very good story, congratulations, I hope to see more stories that good, a greeting, see you, bye!
6/3/2020 c16 RunOnSentences
...I wonder when Naruto is going to learn he could easily have saved her life...
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