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8/4/2018 c1 10Sora with an S
Needed a Merasmus reference, but otherwise was fine.
2/5/2016 c1 600 Non C. Anon 00
This was rather entertaining.
8/10/2015 c1 I am a Platypus
So I thought it was great but one thing kinda nibbled at me, Voldemort is French for "Flight of Death" or death flight etc. So unless Spy was intending to be mocking and make fun of Voldy's name to mess with her, he wouldn't have a reason to do that?
7/7/2015 c1 7Star Shimer
A Nothing more to say. Good imagery, good use of the Spy's character, and good victim, nobody likes Bellatrix.
11/13/2014 c1 Nyes
Oh, and I ate your sandwich.
*puts on sunglasses*
10/18/2014 c1 1OBSERVER01
lol! tf spy rules! hp magic users drools!
10/20/2013 c1 finemw1
the spy should have said: by the way...you suck.
9/7/2013 c1 10Wanderer101
Snape- My lord this "spy" has breach our defences! How can a meer muggle do such a thing!
Voldemort- He is using the muggle version of a polyjuice potion. None shall leave this room.
Malfoy- But my lord wouldn't it be more prudent to check and see if the spy has left?
Snape- Why are you so eager to leave Malfoy or should I say SPY!
Voldemort- Avada Kedavra.
(Malfoy Dies)
Voldemort- hmm... he's not changing. I guess we still have a spy to find.
Snape Spy- Right Behind You.
Team Fortress theme plays
6/10/2013 c1 OC Crafter
Also, when was the spy working with the death eaters? You can't say "I never really waz on your side..." without working with them, even if it was only for a little while.
6/5/2013 c1 10Ashbringer36
lol I so wish this happened! omg this was so good... TF2 guys would have the power to mop the floor with the Death Eaters and their arrogance would only be in vain! lol this was good
3/13/2013 c1 41nightelf37
NOOOOOOOOOO! My favorite mermaids!
12/23/2012 c1 Turret
Brilliantly written, Spy is definitely awesome here and probably could easily defeat the deatheaters. I love how you touch on the limitations of magic here, and the idea o the device that drains it.
The only thing that bugs me is the little bit of french, "Ne vous inquiétez pas" should be "Vous n'inquiétez pas"
12/12/2012 c1 JackFrost21
I don't know where this plays in either universe... but it is awesome.
9/14/2012 c1 Guest
That was really great writing
8/25/2012 c1 Mitt T
Haha! Nice little story you got here.
To be honest, I am really hoping for a nice little sequel too.
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