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for Final Hope

8/13 c1 DJ Wigger
mother love me long time long time
sucky sucky fucky fucky wonton
Hong Kong Hong Kong wonton Hong Kong wonton
one time one time wonton love me long time
feed on my long schlong go back to Hong Kong gong
I'll send u back to Hong Kong pair a wonton wonton
1/12/2012 c9 12Vampiric Ant
1/11/2012 c8 11F.S.N. Stefan
Good for the story. Cameron is pregnant. It's okay but it has no reason why she can be pregnant. I like about her pregnancy. In the future, my story will have this but it will have reason why she can be pregnant. I think if we use Allison's clone and move Cameron's data into the brain, Cameron can be pregnant. This is my idea. And I think your story is good. It's okay. I can feel their love. It will be better if your story becomes rate M fan fiction(you know what it means).

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