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for The Modern Samaratian

2/21 c1 DelennTriesTalkingLikeAHuman
Short but good.
6/19/2014 c1 39JohnGilbertVampirehunter
1/31/2014 c1 14Archangel Samuel
Wow, what a great perspective! It's harder to picture the dislike Jews and Samaritans had for each other, but this modern racial hate is something we can all understand. Well done.
7/2/2013 c1 JesusFreakLivingforHim
wow powerful story. The loving your enemies thing is one of the hardest for me. I am naturally a grudge holder and pray everyday to overcome it.
6/4/2013 c1 41Deader than the Doornail
Amen. Very well done. One mistake; in the last paragraph, you wrote pick when it should have been picked.
4/18/2012 c1 15a-perpetual-hiraeth
You should write another fic similar to this about a Jew helping a former Nazi member, or - if you want to go more modern - a devout Catholic stepping in and defending a woman who's being harrassed for having an abortion. I really like the message you convey here, and I think you should continue to convey it, in different ways.
2/3/2012 c1 79SunRise19
Awesome man! Great job..this is so true! I can't picture being in that situation what I'd do..I pray I'd do the right thing!
1/13/2012 c1 Liberal. In yo face
WHAT? People write fanfiction for the BIBLE? Are you SERIOUS? Oh my G... Goodness that is SO wierd! I mean, not to judge you guys or anything, it's all honorable and whatnot but... Wow. Everything I know is lie.
1/12/2012 c1 202autumnrose2010
Wow! That was awesome!
1/11/2012 c1 368235
Why wouldn't the Baptist Pastor and the Catholic layman help the Klan member if they are obviously Christian? Even if they were bad Christians, it is more probable they would still help the man out of fear of God than love for the man. I see what you were trying to do here, and it was noble, but it's unrealistic. Apathy is bred more from ignorance than it is hypocrisy. A bad Christian would help the Klan member while still hating him, thinking that helping him will get him or her into Heaven- hypocrisy. That's a lot more probable. Someone who has no vested interest in going to Heaven would be more likely to walk past the injured sinner. Apathy from ignorance, no vested interest. Understand?

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