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for Fear of an Abstract

5/20/2014 c1 7Heartsky
I loved it :) So cute! While I personally really like SonjaXJoe, I agree, there should be rival marriages! And it makes sense that these two would be together.
1/12/2014 c1 Guest
I wish there were more rftod fanfics out there as good as this :( Seriously though, they would be an awesome couple, they're my fave two characters actually _
As for another shipping... hmm... I'm not too sure actually :P James and Lily maybe- they both look after and love their younger siblings :D or Bismark x Violet- they also have similar personalities.
6/1/2013 c1 Guest
Awesome! Love the creative scaring ideas! Do you think you could do a back story for the witch girl? (I forgot her name: Pandora?)
1/26/2012 c1 TwinBell101
This was SO cute!

And do you think you can do a pairing of James and Lily? I know that pairing would be unusual but I'd still like to see it! :)

And if not JamesXLily then at least JamesXSonja.

Kay' thanks, bye! X)
1/15/2012 c1 12theatrelove123
So...much...fluff! IT'S SO FLUFFY I'M GONNA DIE! Seriously, this was adorable :). I wish they really were a rival couple! Very nice job, and please post your other oneshot as well!
1/15/2012 c1 2Hoshina Nara Akiyama
Another Cute One-Shot!

Joe and Sierra is a good pairing. I really like this story

Aden and Sonja is a perfect pairing too.
1/12/2012 c1 Oaky
Aw that was cute! I like your writing a lot, and I hope to see more from you! :) Maybe other one-shots on other rival couples? I'm interested in who you'd pair. And yes, you should so upload the other fic you have!

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