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for Return of the Shur'tugal

7/23/2022 c48 1Tharshey
Simply Amazing! I absolutely loved it and I can’t wait for the final chapter.
8/22/2021 c48 Snaks
Good lord! Your imagination and how accurate you have written the characters, their roles and emotions etc. is phenomenal. Outstanding work with the way you write as well. The story lines up perfectly with the inheritance cycle too. I could gon on for hours and days as to how good this was. Thank you
3/19/2021 c48 xnobody
your fanfiction is the best that i have ever read in my life plz update it
11/2/2020 c48 Dox
This was soooo good. I cant imagine how would i be able to get the end of the series by myself. Thx so much
8/16/2020 c48 Guest
Thanks for the wonderful read. I am no author but you are.
7/10/2019 c48 1bshelley
Hey, it's been a few years, I was just wondering if you were going to finish this story? You mentioned in the Author's note that there was only one more chapter after this one. If you can't finish it, may I know how it ended? This was a wonderful story. A fascinating continuation of the Inheritance trilogy. And you wrote as if you were Christopher himself. You kept all the characters true to the books. The idea of dark riders was something that I think should be unfolded to its extent and maybe written as a book in, and the idea that Orrin would attack Alagesia was something that followed the ending of Inheritance. Overall, thank you for such a great read and I hope to read more soon!
8/8/2017 c48 klrsmurf1996
Legacy is a continuation of this story although it's short only 2 chapters so far
8/8/2017 c48 klrsmurf1996
great story
8/1/2017 c18 Ihre Ende
I love the story! I doubt you check this anymore
4/16/2017 c32 Guest
Thank you for creating this story
3/28/2017 c48 Guest
So where's the last chapter you were talking about, it's been three years
3/23/2017 c17 Guest
Urgralgra not urgala, urgala sounds like arugula
1/19/2016 c48 Eeveecat1248
Please post the next chapter!
1/18/2016 c5 Eeveecat1248
12/1/2015 c22 Aeron
Since I started reading I have thought that you should look over your work to check for mistakes, as I seem to see one at least once in every five lines. Other than that I love it, the story is good and I like what you have done with the characters.
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