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for It is Your Destiny

6/20 c96 39Mako-clb
Oh, poor, poor Han. If only he knew the truth, but I think it's only natural for him to feel tricked and manipulated. Maybe it would have been different if he heard it from Leia directly, but his reaction given the situation is so authentic. You write these characters so well, even when they are slightly different than the ones we know.
6/19 c95 Mako-clb
Oh wow! Due to tech issues, I fell behind on reviewing this story just as you were posting new chapters, but now that I can catch up, I am blown away.

It's subtle here, but this is clearly a call back to Luke's conversation with Leia much earlier in the story. I find it interesting that Luke saw and understood that some destinies were inescapable, but he failed to see what were arguably the most important ones. Would Luke have been so adamant that Leia help him change the past if he realized who he would have to sacrifice to the dark side to save his father?

I'm eager to see where you take this.
6/7 c105 7day
Great story
4/16 c105 RodianGuest
I really love this story and I'm glad you completed it after all this time . Thanks for sharing!
4/15 c105 22knitzkampf
Thank you for returning to finish this. It was such a big story, with such incredible urgency. Imagine poor time traveling Leia stuck all those years!
4/15 c100 knitzkampf
Oh my goodness
4/11 c94 39Mako-clb
Wow! Oh, wow. I was super upset when, just after you start posting new chapters, I got hit with malware that temporarily took out my computer. But now that I'm back up to speed, I'm just so excited to read your new chapters. I'm especially interested to see what's up with Arch. Is he really the Sith, just a pawn, or is something else at work here? And what will happen to Leia? Where will she go?
4/10 c67 22knitzkampf
That was very satisfying.
4/10 c64 knitzkampf
Oh, I hope he's right. I'm scared!
4/10 c58 knitzkampf
He's always Father here, which is just fine. But he's getting spookier!
4/9 c105 2cassandane
Thank goodness for force ghosts! And thank you so much for coming back to this fic. I really hope you continue to share your work with the rest of us. That was quite the adventure, thank you!
4/9 c104 cassandane
A nice chapter with the love of family, thanks!
4/9 c102 cassandane
Yay for Winter being a good friend.
4/9 c105 Coruscanti
Well, I finally got around to reading the ending and I’m so happy! It was such a complex story to tie together and I applaud you for it, and also thank you (again) for coming back years later to complete it. I think this was the most epic fic I’ve ever read.
4/7 c101 cassandane
Wow, hope Leia finds her way back and Han too. Look forward to more!
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