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for A Time to Choose

8/5/2014 c10 Guest
The part where it's like see them streets down there they sucked the life right out of my old man, well, they ain't doin that to me is from Santa Fe: Prologue. Jack says it to Crutchy.
If I did win, I'd love a character! Anything you want, but in the authors note say that it's for Brooklyn'sQueen. Stupid isn't letting me log in. But I'm enjoying the story! Keep writing!
8/8/2013 c10 Newsies
The song is Santa Fe (Prolouge) and I know I'm late. I don't care! I LOVE THIS STORY!
10/6/2012 c13 2CrazyReader1899
9/4/2012 c13 rellimmes
oh boy u updated finally! So happy!
9/3/2012 c13 10BeeWonderland
Your welcome! I couldn't let you or any author give up! That's why I pushed you! Great chapter!
9/3/2012 c12 BeeWonderland
Awww! So good! Love it!
8/9/2012 c11 ariah23
love this story
4/16/2012 c11 4Ereb Lor
Choices, ha! That's silly.

Skeeter tore herself away from Blink who was sobbing and hugging her like a mother reunited with a long lost child (he can get kind of emotional)


Those two lines, mostly the second, had me laughing for a couple minutes straight.

Oooh, love triangles are most always interesting...
4/16/2012 c10 Ereb Lor
Is it Santa Fe? And wow, you must be talented to be on four softball teams! I used to play before I broke my leg. What position(s)?
4/16/2012 c11 2The13thDove
haha! Bacon, the ultimate decider of love stories and their plots! MUhahahaha! oh boy, that just made my day.
4/16/2012 c11 noooooo
sorry i was hopping she was going to be with race and stay friends with Spot. Aww man, but i still love it, like it
4/16/2012 c11 Ealasaid Una
i think that she looks race and spot is a good friend.
4/16/2012 c10 Ealasaid Una
beautiful chapter
4/15/2012 c11 1d2496
Awww, oh my goodness. Okay, honestly, I kinda want her to choose Spot. I mean, I always have haha. But update soon, eeeither way!(:
4/15/2012 c10 10BeeWonderland
That quote was from newsies broadway when Jack was singing to Crutchy bout Santa Fe! I loved the chapter as well!
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