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4/27/2014 c3 QueenOfAwesome39
Did you make that her name because you can see the future, knowing I would read this fic?
3/8/2014 c9 justafreakinweeb
Good job on this chapter but one question. Why does Texas get cold easily? I mean, yeah, Texas is hot during the summer, hut have you seen north Texas in the winter? Its freakin cold up here! Anyway, please update soon! :3
1/28/2014 c1 ramenbaka
When is this taking place?
1/22/2014 c1 MiyatheEarthninja
I had this crazy dream that America got hit in the sensitive manly spot and somehow a poof and fog went around him and Floridia Oc appeared and e turned into a girl and Florida was making jokes and puns everywhere like " My mouth has been in a lot of pants" and "Yeah, I'm a HUE dick" so I woke up screaming xD
7/6/2013 c8 21Sierra Wood
Update soon! Omg I LOVE this!
1/7/2013 c7 Guest
Hell yeah Texas! You must be from Texas, because you nailed the sentiment "Texan first, American second". Enjoying the story so far and the relationship with Russia (great choice!)
11/18/2012 c6 Anon5472
I thought the first few chapters were a little unrealistic because I don't think America would be too happy if one of his states broke away. I also don't think Texas would be too quick to befriend him, having just fought a war of succession, especially not if (as you implied) there was bloodshed.

The story really started progressing and becoming more enjoyable in the last few chapters, and I certainly like the idea of Texas as a matchmaker. I support USUK and I also love the Russia/Texas friendship dynamic. I'm not sure how I feel about formerly-human nation, and I think that would depend on this person's past-human-life, but I'm interested in seeing where you're going to take this in the future.

Keep writing and update soon.
10/28/2012 c6 1I'mtotallyawesomlyAWESOMEkeese
1: this is awesome
2: in response to your question, i would slap them
10/20/2012 c6 18Sleeping Kangaroo
XD I want to see that next chapter. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaase!
USUK is love. *claps* Do we get to hear about their lunch together?! :D
10/18/2012 c5 11Egg Destroyer 9000
Fffff fanfiction. I wasn't done with my review! Stupid iPod! Anyways, can Texas bring together SuFin? Please? Sweden's shy, especially around Finland, and he probably thinks Finland hates him due to their rocky past. I guess for the other Nordics, I could see DenNor and HongIce. But SuFin is my OTP. I've even okay with one-sided SuFin. Even if Finny turns out to be straight. Sweden's confirmed as gay, and he's in love with Finland. Also canon. Too bad Finny's terrified of Sweden. The worst part is he knows everyone's scared
10/18/2012 c6 Egg Destroyer 9000
;A; you forgot to include the Nordics! Can SuFin be one
8/17/2012 c5 Guest
Cool story so far.
7/9/2012 c5 8Myrna Maeve
Russia's eyes really are a pretty shade of violet, aren't they?
3/25/2012 c3 1monsterneko
plzzzz more soon :3
3/25/2012 c3 1XxTenshIxX97
Haha this is cool I can't wait until the romance scones though hahahah will Texas be playing match maker?
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