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10/27/2014 c7 Blank
And then everything came crashing down.
10/11/2013 c10 1Twenty12
Can't believe I'm only finding this now...
Well, it's the cliche we all love and usualy don't admit. But I'm writing this on a fanfic site, and Goddammit, I'm gonna say it!
I liked the whole story. I'd like a bit extra backstory and character development, but the romance was generally well elaborated.
I'd like to read some more from you.
2/4/2013 c10 Ryne
best ending ever, so romantic and a great job at this
2/4/2013 c9 Ryne
OMG, unprotected sex. Aeris has a 25% chance of being pregnant. Don't let her be pregnant too soon.
2/4/2013 c6 Ryne
Soooooooo cute
1/9/2013 c1 3plavoko12
i've reread this about seven times know. I love this story! Thank you Bogren!
6/4/2012 c10 shaden90
One of the best Leo x Aeris stories I ever read, thank you for writing it.
5/30/2012 c10 1Darkstarotaku
Wow friend I gotta say your writing skill is very good like really good you got the personalty traits of Aeris and Leo the down to a T but the story on the other hand not so good know I'm not saying it sucks or anything but I hate love romance make my skin cringe and I hate hearing that word in real life and marriage don't get me started but really I'm not saying your a bad writer this is possible one of the best story's I've ever read it's well written Also why does every body do this pair characters up like this in the really comic you know the one written by Scott Ramsoomair these two would never get romantic matter of fact the only time Aeris kissed Leo in the real comic series was in the perfect gift but she kissed him on the for head while he was asleep beyond that there is now romance in there relationship and you and at least 100 there members of this website try to make it out that way and it's kind of out of character

for both of them any way good work and I look forward to more work by you friend

P.S I'm working on a VGcats fanfic my self but theres no love dovy bull no affiance
5/30/2012 c9 Darkstarotaku
I don't understand I thought this site did not allow this kind of content it said so when I signed up how are you getting away with it oh and p.s Very good writing far superior to mine
4/28/2012 c10 6DJ Sound Blast
Man, I'm sad it's over. It was such a great piece of work.
4/24/2012 c10 shinigan no sora
I rather liked it. Cliched as it was and it had a satisfying tho semi predictable ending altho with straightforward romance its hard to avoid a cliche and predictable ending and its how you get there that matters not the outcome its self

Good job and I look forward to your future work
4/23/2012 c10 15MadManMatt64
Yet another "Awwww" moment that I love to see. It may have been cheesy, but hey, I like it kinda cheesy.
4/23/2012 c10 3Deep Sea Anchor
A story worthy of my admiration. I loved practically every minute of it.

Oh if only there had been more minutes. Such is my only regret, that the story cannot continue forever.

A solid ending. Basic, romantic, charming, and even a little funny. I applaud you sir and your fine fine story. I cannot wait to see what you'll bring into the world of literature next.
4/23/2012 c10 16Jknight3135
Beautiful, not dragged out not over complicated. I look forward to more good stories from you. :)
4/23/2012 c10 5Archer 250
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