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5/31/2015 c2 Kimmi
7/6/2012 c4 Guest
"No I don't, you know that. Dare, If you don't feel the same; please just say so." Chris said.

"Of course I feel the same." Chris told him.

"That's all I wanted to hear instead of being torturing." Darren said.

"I love you Darren Criss. There was that worth the torturing." Chris asked.

"More than worth it." Darren answered as he leaned over to kiss him.

So, this whole section kinda confused me in who was Supposed to be talking? I just thought I'd let you know :)
5/20/2012 c8 Guest
The idea is good, the delivery sucks. Go take an English class, come back and re-write this fic.
5/4/2012 c8 2RainbowsAndLlamas
I LOVE THIS! Prompt: Chris and Darren go on a date in public and someone snaps a picture and posts it on tumblr and the whole fandom went nuts
3/29/2012 c7 njferrell
I like how this one is different. though still an on air confession, it's like he spills the Chris part without realising he even said it.

Just imagining everyone's faces as they heard it...
3/29/2012 c6 njferrell
I like the on air confessions.
3/29/2012 c5 njferrell
I like that Joey and Chris were saying they each though it must be the other that he loved.

I liked the on air proposal.
2/22/2012 c4 njferrell
This one was good. Chris confessed to Darren in an interview!

AN from chapter two(ideas)-

(1)One of them(I hope it's Darren)- says something in an interview(without thinking) and lets the world know they are together- answering a question

Exs: Chris says I hog the bed!

Asked what is one of his favorite things? Rare days off where Chris and I spend all day in bed..just together...no work, no neither of us writing...

(2)some interviewer point blank asks Darren about the ring he wears-and he confesses OR the interviwer comments on Darrens ring..and while gushing/proud/happy/without thinking-Darren reveals that it was a gift from his boyfriend Chris

(3)"the ring"-asked about he ring-Darren reveals without thinking-"It's his wedding ring or engeagement ring"

(4)someone with them(not them)-GLEE star, Starkids, family-tells without meaning to-

And as we/they know-people with cameras and phones are everywhere! And, it hits the internet in seconds!

(5)Public tweet-thinking it was sent private wrong button hit-instead of just the other getting it...millions got it! which then was put on Tumbler...and so on before it got deleted from Twitter
2/22/2012 c3 njferrell
I like this one, especially. Because this "no picture/never together" thing is actually happening in real life...

At first when they were confronted, I thought they were already together. But the confrontation was the catalyst that got them together.
2/22/2012 c2 njferrell
That would be a great anouncement.

AN-ideas for Break The Internet:

They get caught. Maybe they don't know they were caught...until the Internet IS Breaking!
2/22/2012 c1 njferrell
Good idea for your series.

That was a kiss withing a kiss...Blaine kissed Kurt for the show. But, it was Darren kissing Chris.
1/14/2012 c1 thisaccounthasbeendeleted854
These are good, nice job

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