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7/2 c1 musicisjoy173
All the mothering and concern was absolutely delightful. Thank you. I loved it.
2/29/2016 c1 LisaG16
love brandt h/c!
12/1/2015 c1 Delete This Account Please 111
oooohhhh my God this is awesome! I love that whole worried team dynamic! You are awesome man, Brandt really does need a family like that. I love it!
7/21/2015 c1 4SakuHina-X3
Aw this is so beautiful full of feels and funny moments!
11/10/2014 c1 19ArmedWithMyComputer
Great little fic - really enjoyed it :)
2/23/2014 c1 Joanis
Cute story
5/28/2013 c1 Guest
great fic
4/23/2013 c1 3jpgFury
The mothering and concern was great - especially seeing that it went both ways.
3/2/2013 c1 Guest
AMAZING! Love how you called them a family! Keep up the good work :D
1/29/2013 c1 TheNaggingCube
Very nice. It flowed and was a very good read. Nice post whump teamy fic. Can so see Jane acting like this... heck all of them.
8/21/2012 c1 Lisa
I loved this story! The way they show they care for each other was very sweet. Now I am off to look at your other stories because I loved this one so much!
8/13/2012 c1 KassandraKate
This story was just soooooo cute! Thank you so much for writing this! I love it!
7/24/2012 c1 15mudstalker
Nice one shot. I can see everyone acting like a family after a while. Great job!
7/8/2012 c1 fangirl29
Aww! Susch a sweet team fic! I love a good h/c story!
6/6/2012 c1 7LEMarauder
Mm, very cute! I'm currently in a state of Jeremy Renner obsession and have been working my way through his recent credits (Avengers, MI:4, The Unusuals, etc) and just love any excuse for H/C! Nice job with the characterization and dialogue. I'm no MI expert, but seemed to fit into cannon for me. Love the imagery of Ethan stitching up Will and that the whole team is really just a dysfunctional family that's always there for each other. Nice one!


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