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8/3/2002 c3 16Lightning-Strike
I still don't like Claire. If I spell her name wrong, I'm sorry! BUT I DON'T LIKE HER! I've never liked her...AND THAT'S NOT FAIR! Why would Lance, knowing perfectly well that he was the more powerful trainer, go and help Claire, who is just under his power level, in a battle against two "rookie" trainers! LANCE, YOU ARE OFFICIALLY OFF MY CHRISTMAS CARD LIST!

Lights: When did he get ON the Christmas card list?

LS: Umm...last night.

Lights: After you read this?

LS: Yes, but only after I re-read the comic.

Lights: *slaps a paw to her forehead* Hoy...

LS: Anyway, this is an awesome fic! I'm really enjoying it, that's for sure! Keep up the good work!
8/3/2002 c2 Lightning-Strike
*stares dumbfounded*

Lights: Oh, boy...get ready. *covers her little Raichu self in many pillows*


Lights: *flinch* She doesn't think Lance should be anybody's boyfriend. She's quite biased.

LS: Why? I WANTED HIM TO WHIP HER! This is not what I expected...although it is pretty cute...

Lights: Oh, so you're going to accept it?

LS: Not on your life.

Lights: I knew that was too much to shoot for...
8/2/2002 c1 Lightning-Strike
CLAIRE IS A NASTY EVIL GIT OF A POKEMON TRAINING GYM LEADER! I DON'T LIKE HER! Never have, never will. She was WAY too cruel for my tastes. I hope she gets her insignificant little TAIL whipped by Lance. Now I like Lance. He's cool and pretty nice. Well, until you get to the Pokemon Adventures comics, then he's an evil git trying to wipe out the human race...never mind. AWESOME story!
5/25/2002 c3 Nova S
I forgot to mention about noticing Clair's 'powers' in the last chapter. I was also worried like Misty for abit thinking that he could develope a 'crush' on her the way you described his notice of her in the first chapter. He really has a fetish for eye's don't he? Lol. I also noticed that you go with 'Prima's philosophy of going with the flow' where when she battles she becomes as cold and unforgiving as Ice, then afterwards melts and flows on.
5/25/2002 c2 Nova S
Is it 'Spring' in this fic? It's like Ash observed, everyone's sounding like a p/m. Not necessarily that would be a Bad Thing...just unusual. I really like's what I read so much to look for. Speaking of which, you won't be able to review me 'cause I only read not write fics. Just so you know, I'll always read if you write P/m. Can't promise for others outside it though. ;)
5/25/2002 c1 Nova S
Well all I can say for Ash is that al least he made it that far before defeat. So Mist's opinion really matters to him huh? Well I hope she can get him out of his slump this time.
5/19/2002 c2 6The FireFox
So this is what the review button does:). Newayz great story so far even wout Raven(-_-" wrong genre). Keep up the good story. See ya.
5/19/2002 c2 4Silent Sigh
Well, if Ash is going to win he's going to need far stronger Pokemon or a super strategy. The fact he got creamed so easily suggests that a rematch won't change much, coming so soon after the first defeat.

I like you're style, and hope you continue this soon!

5/18/2002 c2 13Morbane
I really feel sorry for Ash in this fic. I guess it's a good sign that I'm concerned about the characters you are using... :)
5/18/2002 c2 lupin
continue plz
5/14/2002 c1 46Miss Black Dragon
*applauses* Pretty good. I'll check out some of your others... Hope you continue this, oh and it's Johto not Johnto. Kudos!
5/14/2002 c1 Daniel
Good! I know you've never written a POKEMON fic before, so it'll be interesting what you do with it!

5/13/2002 c1 5Miss-Ashley
Please continue...but only if you'll make it a AAMRN! Anyway, good work!

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