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for A Super Suite Ghost Story

7/27/2012 c1 6owlhero
A wonderful story full of depth and character. I admit I'm not up on the supernatural but I did watch several episodes so I know the basics.

As for the story, the beginning felt like a movie or a full project with the background you gave Jeremiah. the scene gave me the creeps especially with the ghosts killing him. What a way to start.

Bailey reciting the tale in the second scene was a little wierd since it was obvious but it did not brother me once I figured it out, Just thought I'd point it out.

Talk a twisted Romeo and Julietesque story and add a vengeful husband and we have a smash. Zack would jump in feet first without thinking. There was the ghost of suite 613. Nice job miming the character's beliefs about spirit between the spirit of the riverboat/ghostbuster episode.

The twist with a girl's prank is not seen often. The idea was simple and I think it would been good. The old cartoon reference made me laugh but i did find it a little wierd to find it here although it does add perfectly to Zack's character. And let's not forget Woody's insult before going up the ladder. Woody always gets it bad.

Loved the way you poured the late jeremiah's spirit into his words and using the barn as an amplifier for the angry soul. Bailey's connection with Jeremiah seems like an old idea but it justs add to the tumult.

Having the Winchester boys there does allow freedom for a true ending to it all. A more unique ending that is.

I chuckled at the mention of the needed salt so Bailey's country life comes in hand.
1/15/2012 c1 36woundedhearts
Greatest Story Ever Written! LOL - No really! :)
1/15/2012 c1 11Wyntirsno
This was a fun story, I'm glad to see it here.

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