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6/11/2012 c1 mrs.addiecullen
Good story cant wait for more
2/21/2012 c10 4Jess-loves-ncis
I can't wait to hear what happens next, great story!
2/14/2012 c10 JET1967
You've done a very good job setting up Lance. I can't wait for more interactions between him and Tony. Something tells me that Stacey is not going to be able to take care of this situation herself.

Can't wait for the next installment.

2/14/2012 c10 ShortSarcasm
Loved it
2/14/2012 c10 Laurie
I just found this story and I am really enjoying it. Keep up the great work and please update soon.
2/14/2012 c10 17DS2010
Not Tony almost beating the tar out of Lance. Would have liked to see him taken out. This Lance guy needs to learn some serious lessons about treating people.
2/14/2012 c10 2Ryley
Great story so far! I always knew Tony would make a great father...especially to a teenage daughter. Can't wait to read more! I am sincerely hoping that Lance gets everything he deserves. (Evil grin).
2/14/2012 c10 mprmusings
Lance sounds like he could be trouble, not for Tony per se but definitely for Stacey. Any hope that Ziva may just how up out of nowhere for moral support and because she misses Tony? LOL you know me, I have to ask! Thank you for the update I am still enjoying the story a lot.
2/14/2012 c9 mprmusings
sorry for the delay in reviewing this chapter...i couldn't login to FF since last Friday afternoon and then even yesterday it wasn't consistent.

anyway-thank you for this update. i love the way you subtly write Gibbs' support of Tony and his new found family situation and of course the fact that Tony's natural protectiveness shines through.
2/13/2012 c10 4stargatesg1973
I hope that Lance finally gets what's coming to him and I hope that Annie gets to come live with Tony and the whole NCIS family.

2/13/2012 c10 33starryjules
Hmmnn, I have mixed feelings on Stacey's parents. They seem very nice but they were a part of the Annie coverup so I think some of my Stacey-disdain is seeping over to them! ;-)

I loved Tony's first interaction with Lance...woulda loved it even more if he landed a few solid punches but that takes him a little OOC so probably good that he (and you) refrained. But Tony left Annie there with them overnight? *wringing hands* I hope that jerk doesn't do anything in retaliation!

As always, can't wait to see what's next!
2/13/2012 c9 starryjules
Awww Gibbs! Family first...I am really enjoying how they're highlighting that in Season 9 and you channel it beautifully here! I'm really ready to see Tony kick Lance to the curb!
2/13/2012 c8 starryjules
The more I read, the more I love Annie and dislike Stacey...thank God the kid is more like her father than her mother! ;-)
2/13/2012 c10 12smush68
Awesome chapter! Love PapaBear Tony! Can't wait for Stacey to get her eyes opened to Lance's lies! Go Tony!
2/13/2012 c10 12Kikilia14
Yeah- another chapter so soon. Was a great set up for whatever is coming next, please tell me Tony gets to hit the guy? ;)
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