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2/13/2012 c9 17DS2010
Can't wait til Tony confronts Lance. Boy do I hope he kicks his ass.
2/13/2012 c9 JET1967
I'm really looking forward to the return to Columbus. It feels like that is where the story will REALLY start.

2/12/2012 c9 12Kikilia14
Nice transition chapter- but I still want to know what's going to happen once they get to Columbus.

Can't wait for more. :)
2/5/2012 c8 mprmusings
excellent update-we are getting to the meat of the story in terms of lance and stacey and the life annie is fleeing. looking forward to the next update. thank you!
2/5/2012 c8 16FuryPossessed
I really like it all =] Annie seems really cool. Please update soon!
2/5/2012 c8 JET1967
I know how crazy RL can be, but I'm glad you're back with another chapter.

I'll really liking the dynamic between Tony and Annie. I'm sure together they can fix the situation.

I'm fascinated by how intelligent women like Stacey can be overwhelmed by a man like Lance. I'm anxious to see how the situation will work itself out.

Looking forward to the next chapter.

2/4/2012 c8 12Kikilia14
Nice chapter. I'm liking this a lot. Why do I get the feeling Tony's going to be having a 17 year old living with him soon? Can't wait to read more of this.
2/4/2012 c8 ShortSarcasm
Loved it
2/4/2012 c8 12smush68
Good chapter! Can't wait for Tony to expose Lance as the fraud he is! Love it!
1/27/2012 c7 12Kikilia14
Nice story. Am looking forward to the next chapter.
1/24/2012 c7 33starryjules
Awww...Mulder and Scully...the first couple my little heart shipped before I even knew what shipping was!

Phew...after last chapter I was a little worried that Ziva was with dumbo-eared-child (awesome, by the way). But I'm glad she's not...she can practice parenting with Annie as a stepdaughter! ;-)

Still lovin this story!
1/24/2012 c6 starryjules
I'm with Ziva on this one...I'm waiting for it all to catch up to Tony and for him to really sit down and realize that he's a father. I have a feeling that his cool and collected nature can only hold out for so long before he needs a (well deserved) moment of sheer panic!
1/24/2012 c5 starryjules
Damn I'm behind again on reviews...You write with a speed which truly amazes me!

I loved the little exchange between Ziva and Annie and Annie's little moment of doubt with what would happen if Tony isn't her father. His answer was very indicative of the maturing Tony we've seen on screen, but I admit I'm happy that Abby has confirmed he's a daddy!
1/24/2012 c7 ShortSarcasm
Loved it
1/24/2012 c7 Aunt Jo
Loved this chapter and am so glad that Ziva is not pregnant! Hope it stays that way, at least with it being Ray's or anyone else's baby, besides Tony's!
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