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1/16/2012 c2 110Dixie Dewdrop
You did a wonderful job of showing Tony's range of emotions in this chapter.

I like that he made the decision that he owed Ziva no explanations. This is his child and his concern, and he is approaching it with a great deal of thought and maturity.

Antonia's a lucky girl to have him for a daddy.
1/16/2012 c2 mprmusings
Ok solid second chapter, i like how you acknowledged that there is clearly answers that tony needs from stacey as well as time to deal with his anger but that first and foremost he is concerned for annie...looking forward to more, thank you for updating so quickly! :D
1/16/2012 c1 6whynotlive
I love stories like these but no one even seems to continue them to the end! Really good first chapter.
1/16/2012 c1 mprmusings
good first chapter...intriguing enough to want to see where you take this and your "spin" on it :D thank you for sharing!
1/16/2012 c1 110Dixie Dewdrop
Ok, I like this. When is the next installment?
1/16/2012 c1 Aquasm
Great start please update soon!
1/15/2012 c1 33starryjules
Yay! New story! I'm horrible and behind and haven't reviewed the end of Breathless yet...but had to drop a note to say that I don't care if this has been done before, I'm intrigued!
1/15/2012 c1 easylion
Please continue!
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