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3/25/2015 c5 BabyGhost123
I love the story I cried a little bit I gave to say...please do a sequel to see how Ronald will heal and how Grell will help him...
9/26/2014 c1 2Amy-Whinis-128
This sounds good so far.
2/28/2014 c5 TaintedBeauty56
This was such a great story I loved reading it poor ronnie :( though I'm glad grell protected him I think you portrayed the characters nicely and will wasn't to OOC oh how I wish there was a sequel.
5/6/2013 c5 51Aiselne Phoenix Nocturnus
I’ve always been fond of Grell/Ronald’s relationship as “big sister and little brother.” It’s fun to see them bicker like siblings, but until I read this story, I never quite considered how their relationship might fare if something truly serious happened to one/both of them—when their bond is severely put to the test, something that deeply affects both the characters, and the reader. ;)

Grell’s portrayal was stunning in my opinion. His nurturing side complimented his vicious side, offering two halves of his complicated personality. Not only did you capture both elements of his character well, but also you brought them out in ways that made Grell’s emotions feel quite genuine and relatable. I found myself empathizing with Grell’s feelings throughout this story, from his sisterly love for Ronald to his extreme rage towards Lon and Roe (who, by the way, were excellent antagonists. After what those bastards did to Ronald, they almost make demons like Sebastian and Claude appear “nice”!). Grell’s was such a wild emotional rollercoaster that I enjoyed every minute of.

What also impressed me was how this story proves (without a doubt in my mind) that, yes, Grell would make a wonderful mother one day. Although this story emphasizes Grell’s homicidal side, he only lashes out for the Ronald’s sake, like any mother/sister would do for her child/brother. As nutty and death-crazed as Grell can behave in Kuroshitsuji’s canon, he doesn’t act without reason, and this story gives him more than enough of a valid reason to go on a slaughtering spree.

It’s impossible not to feel for Ronald (or for any of the characters, for that matter) throughout this story. What he went through was so traumatic and utterly uncalled-for that I myself wanted to just wrap my arms around him and comfort the poor boy (fortunately, he had Grell for that ;)). I’m also impressed with the way this story broached the overall rape subject; the rape itself wasn’t uber-graphic, but this story doesn’t pooh-pooh the violation or its devastating, long-term results, either. Some fanfics have the rape victim idealistically “all better” by the story’s end, whereas this story digs deep into Ronald’s pain and humiliation, and how he has a very long road to recovery ahead of him. I applaud your story for handling these sensitive subjects realistically.

William didn’t come across as OOC to me. You’re right; he’s not heartless, and I do believe that he’s closer to Grell and Ronald than his other colleagues. When William spoke to Ronald, reassuring the junior that his supervisor didn’t think any less of him, I know I teared up (hell, I teared up on a number of occasions throughout this story :P). The mild Grelliam was also well-welcomed by me, especially how William comforted Grell. It didn’t surprise me that Grell maintained his composure in Ronald’s presence. Grell would want to be strong for Ronald’s sake, but with William, it proved that Grell harbored his own grief that needed comforting. I don’t think William would deny that solace, especially given this story’s heartrending circumstances.

What more can I say? You’ve got a great story here. Ever since I read it, I’ve been able to see Grell and Ronald’s bond in a more serious, yet tender, light, not just them as the comical sibling-like duo. Their relationship was so heartfelt in this fanfic. After reading, all I could think about was the mental image of Grell and Ronnie holding onto each other in this fic’s finale, openly as a big sister embracing her baby brother. A beautiful image from a beautiful story. :) Thank you so much for sharing this fanfic.
4/2/2013 c1 132Karenka Sutcliff Depp
beautiful, not because they did not read it before, I love it, it really is a very good story, congratulations
3/2/2013 c2 Kookookachoo
I love the way you build suspense in this! It's amazing :3 Can't wait to keep reading!
10/28/2012 c5 SearchAndKissAndDestroy
Despite it being extremely dark, it was absolutely wonderful. You're a talented writer. Keep up the good work. 3

10/26/2012 c1 7SleepyCrimson Ninja
oooh! a bloody beautiful work of . :)
7/22/2012 c5 120Biscuit15
This was so sad but I loved every second of it. I loved how you had done everything and I would adore to see a sequel :3
5/30/2012 c5 6J-J-ANIME-ROCKS
Aww.. the ending is so sweet also I feel so sorry for Ronnie in this.

Grell is such a good Sister/Brother I think Ronnie is lucky to have him.

3/7/2012 c5 33Lots-of-Little-Pink-Clouds
What a happy ending, I'm happy now. :) But I'm sad that the story's over.
2/24/2012 c5 fleya
I really liked the idea of Ronald seeing Grell as his big sister.

And the fluff between Will and Grell was adorable,

I hope to read more in the future and more Eric and Alan in them n_n
2/24/2012 c5 7Red Cookies
And the ending has arrived! It makes me a bit sad to know a story is over, but it was a very wonderful story, so I shall enjoy it.

Ronald experiencing that nightmare had me fooled for just a second, well done. His nightmares are a small reminder to everyone that wounds heal, but scars remain. It's going to take some time, indeed, for him to at least be able to sleep soundly. Grell will surely help him; after all, what kind of sister would Grell be if he can't soothe his little brother in time of need?

Grell will be, for the rest of eternity, a man who doesn't quite frankly give a damn. A doctor is without a doubt no match for him, nor are visiting hours. He will visit when he wants to, that much is expected.

I suppose you could call William the 'responsible adult with a skeptical eye' that gives his suport; awkwardly, but suport. It is a kind gesture for him to offer Grell his jacket, knowing the blood could scare anyone back into trauma.

That little self-loathing moment Ronald had actually heated my face with sadness; I thought I was going to cry, it's such a sympathetic feeling anyone can feel, and with my imagination it's all the more realistic.

Oh, that cute sentence Ronald asks, about sleeping in Grell's house, is so adorable! I imagined them in colorful pajamas, sleeping cuddled up together like kids...what a nice thought.

A perfect ending to the story, I truly loved it!
2/23/2012 c5 12Midknight Shadows
Perfect. Ending. Is. Perfect!

I loved every bit of this fanfic! It appealed to my sadistic AND sympathetic sides! Loved. It!
2/6/2012 c4 Midknight Shadows
Hm... How do I say this...?

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