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for Abuse of Power

7/30/2017 c1 13StardustOwl
A very interesting idea, I like it!
9/7/2014 c1 8Thorilian
Who became his alpha's favourite?
5/17/2014 c1 I Should Not Have Said That
Wow. That was dark and horrible but also SO awesome. I like the depth of emotion and the whole Alpha bit in there...wish I could see when the other Marauders found out, though...
7/16/2013 c1 sadistic teddy bear
don't let the haters hate, these kind of stories are the ones I need as research for a possible seen in one I'm writing, thank you.
6/22/2013 c1 Aya's crew
Interesting. A very dark, and yet disturbingly feasible side to albus dumbledoor.
1/31/2013 c1 Guest
His alpha? His ALPHA?! Please never, ever write fanfic again.
1/26/2013 c1 Abuse of Power
It sucked. It was sick, disgusting, and wrong. I will accept that Dumbledore is gay. I love gay people they are very nice. BUT DUMBLEDORE DOES NOT FUCK CHILDREN
4/14/2012 c1 5mervab
mmmmm, so hot. i love how you portrayed Dumbledore; it would be so nice to see Dumbledore doing the same power play with other students of his - maybe Snape, who always felt unwanted, and Harry? this was sooooo good. hope you write more! xx
4/10/2012 c1 Natalia F
This story is wonderful! I really love it and would like some more. It's surprisingly touching and the sex is wellwritten.

I wouldn't mind reading a longer work about their relationship actually!

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