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for A nightmare continued

1/22/2015 c26 6Wolf Lover 06
What did oogie do to Sally. Ohhh no. What will happen to our beloved Jack and Sally
12/29/2014 c25 Wolf Lover 06
I'm so glad you finally updated. I have been waiting for a new chapter. I can't wait for the next one
11/13/2014 c24 Alexa
Are you going to finish? Would like to hear the rest!
7/5/2014 c6 JackAndSallyFan
What's this? What's this? There's letters everywhere. What's this? There's owls in the air! Sorry, desperate times call for desperate measures, lol! Had to say that. Anyway, really good story and plot! Although there are some grammar mistakes and random commas, it is a very good story overall and that takes away from the mistakes a bit. My conclusion; this is a very good story.
3/14/2014 c24 1grace100and1
This is so good! I'm literally in love with this story! 3. How did the film camp go? I always go to one every summer. :)
2/19/2014 c24 6Wolf Lover 06
Awww poor Sally. I hope everything turns out okay. But there's gonna be another problem like always
2/12/2014 c23 1grace100and1
This is getting awesome! I love this story so much! :):):)
2/11/2014 c23 6Wolf Lover 06
Wow Jack had to save Sally on his b-day. Oh how can I put this in a good way...I KNEW IT WAS THEM. I love this story
2/4/2014 c22 Wolf Lover 06
(GASP) SALLY ISIN DANGER! I bet it was Ganorga and Valcora. Those evil girls. Jack needs to save Sally. Oh I have and OC if you want to use
1/28/2014 c21 Wolf Lover 06
Thank goodness Jack and Sally are okay. Jack is the only one getting hurt. Poor Jack. I'm happy Sally is okay too
1/25/2014 c20 1grace100and1
Nice! Had a cool Jason Todd/joker moment with the crowbar there (if you don't know, joker kills robin to death with a crowbar; it's a very famous moment in the batman history). Poor sally! Hope she doesn't get into trouble! Post soon, this story is intriguing! :D
1/25/2014 c20 6Wolf Lover 06
(Gasp) no, Sally don't go in there. Oogie will hurt you and we don't want that. This story is getting good. I'm so nervous about the next chapter.
1/24/2014 c19 1grace100and1
Haven't been on this website for a while. It was a nice surprise to read so many chapters at once! I can't wait to see what happens with Jack! Keep doing what your doing, it's perfect!
1/21/2014 c19 6Wolf Lover 06
OMG nooooooo someone must save Jack, without getting hurt. Omg Sally is gonna find out, omg omg
1/18/2014 c18 Wolf Lover 06
YES YES YES their getting married. I can't wait how people will react to this wedding.
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