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for Time Traveler's Flu

9/13/2017 c1 ngregory763
This was just a perfect mix of sick Dean and comfort from others. I really enjoy the relationship the boys have with Jody...they way she is allowed to boss them is so endearing. They need that sometimes, to be forced to allow someone to take care of them. *sigh*
2/8/2015 c1 3177A-BleekerSt
So Adorable! :) :)
11/10/2012 c1 SamWinchesterfangirl
Well of course Bobby's gonna be more worried about a sick Dean than he some dusty old maunscript from the 1300s, he love Dean and Sam like they were his own kids.
5/20/2012 c1 5tvj12
Sweet story. I do wish the episode had gone on just a little longer (it was one of my favorites this season), so I'm glad great tags like this have been written. Great job with Jody in this, too. -tvj12
4/6/2012 c1 204FallenAngel218
I like how you wrote Jody Mills. It's rare to come across a story with her in it, and you've captured it beautifully. I like how she pulls rank on Dean, too. :) And yes, tea always works, ginger or no... :)
1/28/2012 c1 15Liafrombrazil
A little late again. But. Aww. So good, so comforting. That strangulation scene SO should have been continued. I was sad when they killed Ellen and I got so angry when they killed Bobby. I still don’t get it. It’s good that they have each other but they’re people and people need other people! Your Jody is such a good tough-tender mother figure for Dean. Thanks for her. I LOVED that Dean had her AND SAM with him Mad Server’s style.  I love it when Sam is there helping and someone else loves Dean too. When I first read this it was the perfect moment for some daily, simple event in life and I totally loved they were brushing their teeth and Sam had minty breathe and Dean’s throat was hurt. Then that sweet story about Bobby and ginger tea. Love! And Dean’s certainly Dean with mild sickness. Also, I love the end with Dean sleeping and jerking in his sleep with Jody and Sam all around him. I love your words. I always love your words. Thank you!
1/28/2012 c1 31Nana56
Not a fan of ginger, but I can see where it would be beneficial in tea form for flu, etc. :D

Nice little fic! Love me some sick/hurt!Dean and people to take care of him. :)
1/28/2012 c1 ccase13
Bobby Singer memories should help Dean feel better. I like the idea of time traveler flu. Time travel of more than a few years involves a huge difference in local germs and things.
1/21/2012 c1 rog457
"At ease" Loved that line and I'm sure Dean would respond to that order, at least he would as long as he was sure Sam was in no danger.

Loved this little fic.
1/18/2012 c1 Stock
Wow. Great story. Great characters.
1/18/2012 c1 365SupernaturallyEgocentric
Excellent! Really love this.
1/17/2012 c1 laily.spenstar
I love the sheriff!She's such a nice lady,and she's nice to Bobby.They would make a good couple.I hope she'll be a recurring role in the show.I love the way she pampers Dean in this story.Do you have more stories like this?
1/17/2012 c1 106writergirl94
ah i haven't read one of yours in a while but i was craving some sick dean. nice job
1/17/2012 c1 37cold kagome
omg... awesome.. love it dean is soo cute when he sick... lol
1/17/2012 c1 Hundley
You nailed all three characters. I'm not sure Dean even heard of ginger tea, though. Liked you little story.
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