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for A Dream Worth Keeping

5/6/2012 c1 1BunnyMay
I actually really enjoyed this. It was cute and generally just fun.

There's only one thing that could make it better though. More!


1/18/2012 c1 1Solo Starship
I thought you did a pretty stellar job.

The only thing I could maybe suggest...is to plug in a few Drell characteristics about Feron.

Imagine someone reading this that had never played Mass Effect...they'd need to know how a Drell looks and sounds.

But other than that, you're a good writer, and I enjoyed reading this story. Well done :)
1/18/2012 c1 6EllynoreMoonwood
From what I can sum up in this one-shot, this was a very interesting story about Kathiren and Feron, even witn a late appearance of Liara.

There were some good things I read in there, and I'd like to give you the courage to come up with another great story like this one.

I saw only one typo, in the fourth last paragraph. "It was from Kathiren, and she had given him her number to her private terminal with a small message." Between "given him her number" and "her private terminal," there should be a "from" instead of a "to." It nearly seemed like Kathiren was giving herself her own number. Just for future reference, of course.

Liara was only slightly OOC, as I'd never think of Liara saying "I'll bite." She is a young and wise asari, but her speech should fit in to that kind of character. Hope it helps you in the near future.

Overall, excellent work!

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