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4/23/2012 c12 29CeCe Away
It took me so long to read this, but it's soooo good. What's going to happen now?
3/30/2012 c12 ccase13
I'm loving your version of Castiel's return SO much better than the show's. James is such and interesting character. I hope you keep on going with this story.
3/27/2012 c12 663DBABE1999
CRAP, REALLY? You left me hangin :( again lol is there anoter chapter coming? And is Sam(and Cas) getting fixed in your version of things?
3/25/2012 c12 5Twinchester Angel
Exceptional, as usual. This chapter was very descriptive and before I get on with my review, I just wanted to make sure and tell you how incredibly visual this chapter was. You are soooo good at that. Dean slumped in the chair, Sammy trying to lay on his belly, Dean squatting in front of Sam, Dean pacing with his hand on his hip and the other over his mouth, Dean tossing the keys in his hand one time before handing them to Cas, and the list goes on and on. Sam begging and pleading with Dean to let it go, nonverbally even, was awesome and I love how you had them speaking without words. That's always awesome to me. :) And Sam saying he felt better with Cas around was a really awwww moment.

Now, I have a question. Did you really write Dean handing over Baby and Sam to Cas and leaving them? "Don't get killed." "Do my best." That scene on the show killed me and now you just did it all over again! And Sam wanting to go with Dean and both of them accepting that he couldn't was heartbreaking but it was soulcrushing the way this ended! My god, woman! What are you doing to me? This seemed like such a permanent goodbye. The way Sammy grasped and squeezed his brother's hand and the way Dean left Cas to take care of Sam and mostly Dean handing over the keys to the Impala for Sam and saying "when he's ready." I'm seriously crying now, going back over the story in my mind and typing this out. Seriously? Did suicidal Dean win out? His need for revenge and his exhaustion at life in general finally became more important to Dean than Sam? He's finally ready to go out and what a better way than fighting Dick. Pleeeeease tell me it isn't so! You've got me in tears here! Well, in any case, you stunned me once again with your mad writing skills. Completely in character, intriguing plot, tons of angst, humor, and even some schmoop. Not only that but you totally Kripke'd the show in some ways! *kneels before your greatness* I know how hard you worked on this and it totally shows. What an awesome story. Thank you so much! *hugs*
3/24/2012 c12 Psychee
I really enjoyed this chapter. Dean wanting James/Cas to stop asking questions and just enjoy waht he has (reminding me of both the end of season 2 when he sat beside Sam's corpse and remembered Sam asking questions and him begging him not to and a reference to what Dean had with Lisa and Ben but gave up) was well done.

I could see Dean leaning agains the car in the last paragraph and walking around the room wiht his hand over his mouth and other clenched to his side; good imagery all round.
3/19/2012 c11 29CeCe Away
T, this is great. Sam is so lucid with James right now. I hope Cas figures out who he is and really can help. Better hurry and write this before next week's ep catches up to you.
3/18/2012 c11 5Twinchester Angel
Yay! I'm reviewing! Ahhhhh, it's like a breath of fresh air. Haha

Ok, so, do you have any idea how amazing this is? I just can't find the right words. And dammit, I can't tell you how frustrated I am with the stupid scroller and how it always gets to the end before I want to be at the end! Agghh! Seriously, from now on? 30,000 word one shots from you. Ok? You listening? Cuz I just can't take it. I just...I can't. "Sam, do you know who I am?" "Get away from my-" To be continued. WHAT? Ok. I'm calming down now. Sorry. It's just...waiting for the new episode AND a new chapter from you? It's torture. That's what it is. I'm gonna start calling you Al. Fair warning.

Ok. Easter egg. Is it name of the dead lead singer of ACDC? Some kind of parallel between the Cas once being dead and then reborn in a way, much like Scott is dead but Johnson took over and Scott's voice lives on through him? I'm reading way too much into that, aren't I? Ok, then if that's not it, it has to be Divine. Right? Cas got stuck on that one word: Divine. Haha Either way, very nice. If I'm wrong, I expect a text, a PM, an email, something, to tell me what I missed. :)

You. Broke. My. Heart. Not even kidding. "Sam, what does family mean to you?" "Dean." *dies* You know how I feel about this whole conversation. It's so heartbreaking and Sam lying in that hospital bed is so sad and now that I've actually seen what it's gonna look like, he really does look like a scared little kid. A hopeless, scared little kid who needs someone to make it better but doesn't have the energy or the hope to even ask. This is where a fiercely over protective big brother Dean is desperately needed. I LOVED the line "I'm not leaving my brother alone and I don't want to go without him." *weeps uncontrollably* Damn, girl. That was just...again, there are no words. OH! And my Chuck in Heaven. "They're both dead. A brother, Adam - dead. Our Uncle Bobby - dead. Grandfather - dead. Cousins - dead. Everybody's dead." When you put it all in one paragraph like that, it stuns even me how so very alone they really are. And Sam's regret and remorse for what happened to Cas and how he feels that he should have somehow fixed it? Yeah, that's unbelievably Sam to a T. Taking the blame for absolutely everything. Taking the blame for not fixing what Cas was going through, never mind that he was unconscious under the power and weight of a wall made of hell, by Cas's own hand, none the less. And yet, Sam's sorry he didn't do more for Cas. You know I love Cas to bits but wow. I can totally see Sam taking that all upon himself. And Sam was the one that actually got through to Cas in the end, anyway. Without Sam, Cas wouldn't have had a chance to apologize and express his regret to Dean and beg him for forgiveness before his own swan dive into that lake. Man, my heart breaks for those boys. And for Cas.

Now Frank? That part was excellent, even though you totally got Kripked. Doesn't matter. "Oh, he DOES have a meeting with Obama?" Hahahaha That got a huge laugh out of me. And I loved that Dean was trying to make Frank, of all people, understand how he can't just leave Sammy without saying goodbye. Also, I loved Dean's mumbling about the crappy security and busting Sam out of there. That was adorable. And just Dean. I loved it.

Once again, you have amazed me and killed me with this chapter. I have decided that you shall never stop writing these boys. This is going to be your new job away from your job. Ok? Glad we hashed that out.

Thanks so much for this and thanks so much for your hard work. Kripke'd or not, this is totally plausible, realistically SPN, and just a brilliant story. I can't wait for more - even though it's gonna be the end. Then maybe you can write that other bunny who left prompt droppings in your brain. *poke poke* Thanks again, my brilliant friend. Loved it. *StraightJacketSammy hugs*
3/18/2012 c11 ccase13
This is a good sign, Sam has had an improvement since James touched him and James is now hugging him. I hope Sam will tell James more and I hope Sam improves more.
3/18/2012 c11 663DBABE1999
I loved your story! Is there more? PLEEAASSEE DON'T LEAVE ME HANGIN! It was very well done and I know what it's like to have your ideas taken by the show before you've even had a chance to publish so I don't care where next episode goes I'd totally still read anything you add to this Fic!
3/12/2012 c10 ccase13
I'm glad James is determined to start asking the right questions now, although I understand his reluctance to run into Dean again.
3/7/2012 c9 5Twinchester Angel
Alright woman, I had to read this three times cuz it just hurt. You're breaking my heart with this! *sniffle* Dean crawling across the floor to his brother and talking to him like he's gonna answer. "You're out, huh? Don't worry, I got it all under control." *sobs* And his floppy hair hanging over his forehead and looking like the stubborn, headstrong, emo 22 year old he was before Hell, Heaven, Hell, Purgatory, and Hell. God, those poor boys. And James/Cas. Agghhh! I just want him to remember! I'm with Dean. I wish Cas was there. But he is there! And it's just so frustrating. :( I wonder what he really thought when he saw Dean's hands. He was feeling so protective in the last few chapters and I can't wait to see that again. Oh and jeez, the whole "Trust me when I say I'll do anything to make him better" *sob* Yeah, you're killing me. Dead. Pleeeeease update soon cuz I'm just dying to know what happens next. You're amazing. You really are. And I know how hard you're working on this and it shows. I also hafta say that I just love how your brain works. :) This is amazing. MORE! Heehee I meant please, of course. :) *hugs* w
3/7/2012 c9 29CeCe Away
Oh I was so hoping they'd be able to get Sam out of there already.
3/5/2012 c9 Guest
Woohoo you're back! I was getting nervous that you'd abandoned the story partway through. Crying Dean always makes me cry, too.
3/5/2012 c9 ccase13
I hope maybe James's company and touch will help Sam as much as his touch and company seemed to help Dean's hands. Angelic qualities might account for why "James" is such a sucessful counselor.
3/5/2012 c9 1Zingoalla
Stop making me cry in school, not okay. I love this so freaking much! Oooh just update so I can live again!
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