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3/4/2012 c9 50elliemuze

2/22/2012 c8 5Twinchester Angel
Have I told you lately how brilliant you are? Damn, I am LOVING this! Seriously, this is amazing. I loved the whole James/Cas POV. I love love loved the story of James' experiences in the hospitals. The image of him writing sigils all over his room and his body while sitting in his room, naked, muttering enochian - no wonder he ended up in the nut shack! And the pull he feels towards the boys, the sense of familiarity and his protective feelings for Sam and Dean just melted my ever lovin' heart. I love how he didn't have to see the nurses or the dudes in the hallway to know they were coming or which direction they were headed in. I love how the feelings overwhelmed him when he saw Sam and the urge he felt to push his hair the way he always wore it, and how he slipped and said "again" without really knowing what he meant by it.

Once again, this is brilliantly written and the threads of this story and woven so perfectly. You're just keeping me on the edge of my seat. Dangling from cliffs, I might add, which I know is giving you some sort of sick pleasure and a feeling of sick satisfaction. *narrows eyes at you*

Anyway, I cannot wait until you write what happens next. Is Dean going to explain to him what's going on? Does he even have to? Are his memories coming back to him more clearly now? Obviously he worked some mojo on Sam, whether he knows it or not. Is he going to unknowingly fix Sam's grapefruit? Are my questions driving you nuts? Oh, and I forgot to mention my embarrassing yet hilarious shriek of delight when reading in the last chapter about how Dean's hand was suddenly and miraculously healed. That gave me the chills. And your telling of Dean's feelings after the prize fight in Swan Song and how he crumpled in a tub and sobbed like a're actually trying to kill me, aren't you. That's not a question, btw, that is just a statement of fact. I simply love your brain and how it somehow zeroes in on and then spews out every single thing that is designed to break me into a zillion pieces. Which, incidentally, is good preparation for the death of Sam, which is going to be inflicted upon me in a mere few hours on my tv. *sob*

Thanks again, from the bottom of my shattered heart (damn you, Kripke!), for all of your hard work and for sharing with all of us exactly what your gifted brain is thinking. I love and adore you. Now...write! Work shmurk! Write, woman! Don't leave us in suspense! That's just...well, it's mean.

Thanks again! *hugs*
2/21/2012 c8 1Zingoalla
It was a very long time since I felt ao much emotion for a fanfiction, amazing and you write the characters so real and amazing! Please update reeeeeeaaaaally soon 3
2/20/2012 c8 29CeCe Away
All three of them are just so painfully messed up. You write that messed-up-edness very well.
2/17/2012 c7 CeCe Away
From Chapter 3: "Chances are he won't even be alert enough to know that you're there." "He'll know," Dean said cautiously optimistic.

Aw, that's just beautiful, cuts right to the heart.

And then you blow me away with this chapter and Sammy totally thinking Dean is Lucifer. Of course he would, of course. And James/Cas so calm, like, well, Cas.

Looking forward to more.
2/17/2012 c7 ccase13
Poor Sam is in such pathetic shape it is heartbreaking.
2/16/2012 c7 50elliemuze
OH MY GOSH MORE. How does this not have more reviews? I've been reading this from the beginning and so far it is my favorite "Cas returns" story. Magnificent.
2/16/2012 c7 5Twinchester Angel
What? No way! You can't do that! All I have to say is that you had better be writing right now! Seriously. I know how to find you and believe you me, the hounding, begging, pleading, and poking will not stop! I mean, do I make myself clear? You can't just end it there without expecting some repercussions! Oh, ADD moment: Very Very nice flashback of Bobby's voice from Abandon All Hope. I seriously got chills from that one. And Dean responded to it accordingly! Sweet Carver Edlund in Heaven, my girl! You know what a sucker I am for that kind of stuff. Plus, you got Cas, Dean, and Sammy all in the same room! And with a situation not unlike Swan Song. You're making me all giddy! I MUST know what happens next! Yeah, I have no shame. Ok, I'm gonna stop typing now so that you can get back to work. Girl's night, shmirl's night. I want Chapter 8! Heehee Oh yeah, you're amazing, I love this story, you rock my world, yada yada yada. Haha Thanks so much for this. *hugs*
2/15/2012 c6 fanoffiction121
So far so good! I can't believe I'm reading angsty Dean when I just want something HAPPY after all the craziness of Supernatural- but I'm liking it! I can really picture Dean the way you write him. I can't read stories when they're so obviously OOC. Will keep reading for sure.
2/11/2012 c6 EsScaper
I am enjoying your story very much! I love the idea of Cas starting over with no memory. It kind of forces Dean to forgive him. James is an innocent. I do hope you plan on giving him back his memories. You simply cant let all that angst go to waste. The reunion of the boys would be so worth it. Looking forward to reading more.

2/2/2012 c4 Twinchester Angel
Oh man! You updated before I could review the last chapter! Do you have ANY idea what that kind of behavior does to me? Withdrawals, tremors, nightsweats, and sleep terrors of catastrophic proportions! Ok. Fine. I'll stop. But still. *pouts*

Anyway, this was awesome! First of all, you had me a crumbling heap and practically sobbing with all the Sammy stuff. Good god, woman. Why? I mean, it was compelling and excellent writing, etc, but seriously, my poor heart! Sammy with his forehead on Dean's knee, begging him for help even though he doesn't want to leave his brother and even though he knows that somewhere inside, Dean is blaming himself for subjecting Sam to this in the first place by shoving his soul back in. But yet, there he is, broken little brother, sobbing and pleading with his big brother to just fix it. To help him. Like it was a scraped knee and Dean holds all the answers to every question in the universe. And the hug in the hospital with Sam mouthing thank you into Dean's shoulder because he knows how painful this is for Dean: Relinquishing the care of Sam to someone else, much less doctors in a nut shack, and separating himself from his brother even though he'd rather die by papercut, and mostly having to admit that for once, he is completely powerless to help the one person he swore to always take care of. Guh. Killed me. And yes, as a matter of fact, I DID get all of that from those two scenes.

Now the Cas part was awesome too. The very second I heard "Hawkeye" come out of "James'" mouth I could just hear Dean. "Oh come on man! Seriously? Hawkeye? And you don't get it? Wow." That was brilliant. But the porn names? My side hurts from laughing. Rick Jeremy. *gigglesnort* And the fact that you threw Casa Erotica 13 and Gabriel in there, I think, should earn you a life supply of lollipops and porn. That was exquisite. Heehee Excellent chapter, I can't wait for more! So, now that I've properly reviewed, please be my guest and update as soon as possible. I'm ready now. *giggle* Ok fine. Update when you're ready. Just...make it soon, ok? I need to know if Dean is going to let Cas, I mean James, in on who he really is. I must have more! Gimme fic or gimme death. :P Thanks for this. *hugs*
2/2/2012 c4 29CeCe Away
You have the emotion and sense of not having any other options but to put Sam in the loony bin down perfect. It's so sad.
1/31/2012 c3 CeCe Away
Hmmm, dahlin, where oh where are you going with this? Interesting take, T.
1/23/2012 c2 5Twinchester Angel
I'm loving this so far. Ok, so obviously Cas has some form of amnesia or something. And apparently, memory or no, he seems to have fallen into the guardian angel role once again, working with the poor, homeless, etc. Very appropriate. You can take the guy out of the angel but you can't take the angel out of the...I guess that saying probably doesn't work. You know what I'm getting at. Lol

Anyway, I'm really excited for the next part of this so chop chop! Haha Wait, now, are we going to see Sam at all in this story? I'm just wondering. I realize it's a story about Dean and Cas but I'm just curious if there will be any Sam. Either way, excellent story. Tremendous writing, as usual. You always keep my interest. So well, in fact, that I'm always shocked when I reach the end of the chapter. Looking forward to the next one! *hugs*
1/20/2012 c2 29CeCe Away
Huh, so what's up with Cas? I haven't seen any previews so don't have any idea, but that's good. Ah, and Sam's finally had his breakdown. I have heard that is a coming.
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