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1/18/2012 c1 5Twinchester Angel
Well, aren't you just a little bucket of sunshine. Good lord, woman. This, while brilliantly written, entirely in character, and achingly true, made me want to find a rocking chair, pick a liquor, and sit by a window until my inevitable and hopefully soon-in-coming end arrives. Besides the obvious, I think this depressed me so much because of your crazy wicked ability to predict what's going to happen on the show. And when this happens with Sam, Dean will truly be down to absolutely nothing. He will have nothing. He will have no one. And dear sweet Chuck, won't that be heartbreaking? I loved the line about how he never really believed, through everything that's happened, that he would really, literally have nothing left to give. Sam is all he has left. He doesn't even have Baby at the moment! But this thing with Sam isn't a monster he can kill or a demon he can exorcise. It's a real thing inside his brother that he has no way of fighting but is still taking Sammy away from him. He's going to be so despondent, so hopeless, so done with everything. And then, of course, that's when Cas will show up and cause all kinds of conflicting emotions in Dean, not the least of which, I'm sure, will be bitterness, anger, and disappointment. He's going to be furious because Cas is the one who made Sam this way but yet, I'm sure he's also going to want to have his old friend back for the sake of friendship and for companionship and for comfort. But Cas won't be able to provide any of those things for Dean. One of the main reasons being that Dean doesn't trust him. This is just my assessment of what could happen based on what you're writing here. I'm in no way giving away spoilers here in the review section, this is just how I see it based on your story so far.

This is awesome and I know you know how much I LOVE your writing. So thank you so much for this. I seriously can't wait for more so pleeeease don't keep us waiting too long! No pressure though. Hahahaha Yeah. Right. Anyway, thanks again! I'm loving it! Amazing as always. *hugs*
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