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9/15/2020 c20 2yarnfan4life
Love it please write more
2/24/2017 c20 PurpleNightwing
If its done change the status to complete so people know its done
2/24/2017 c2 PurpleNightwing
Please update its 2017
4/20/2016 c20 Guest
please do a sequel
12/31/2015 c10 Guest
Your grammar is subpar. It's a good story, great imagination you have, but you seem to kick up your and you're. Hint; you're is you are. Happy witting!
12/31/2015 c11 Guest
Oh cliff hanger!
11/1/2015 c2 thunderfalcon221
i love this fanfic i have read the entire thing a dozen times do you think you could make another fanfic but with a tracy sister that is a year younger than alan plz but again I LOVE THIS FANFIC! :)
8/19/2013 c20 maiyamatsudaira
Are you still going to continue this story?
1/29/2013 c20 Bulletproof Vendetta
This story was great! I loved it, please do a sequel!
9/8/2012 c20 1TheAngelsarewatching
I love this story! I so what to find out what happens when Jeff and the boys find out about how brilliant Alan is! :)
9/7/2012 c20 T-Bug 519
I absolutely live this story. Please. Please. Please write a sequil :)
8/17/2012 c20 4Rumoi
Alan is freaking awesome in this story! Please have a sequel I want to know how they react when they learn of his company and how it goes. Not to mention discovering all his talents :D
8/16/2012 c20 Pony Girl-Sakura
Pleas Write a sequal it was so unny i want to know what happens when jeff and the boys find out about alans compony
7/14/2012 c20 GinnyStar
Well that was great, it took me a while to get it done, I', not a beta but I've enjoyed this story.
7/12/2012 c1 M'J
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