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4/22/2012 c20 KayeBell
please make a squeal. This was a great story and i would love to see how the traceys find out about alan's company.
4/22/2012 c20 Hilte
This fanfic was great! I really hope you do a continuation! Best fic ive read in quite some time! The trick Alan played at the end was hilarious! Really do want to see Jeff and the boys find out that Alan isnt the kid they think he is! He deserves to put them in their place and show off his talents without getting grounded for once!
4/22/2012 c20 72criminally charmed
Actually, I think Jeff would be more annoyed if Alan had put a lock on the coffee.

But I would love some kind of follow-up on Jeff finding out that AT-11 is Alan's company. Maybe before the Hood? Or possibly as everyone is recovering? Or if you link it with Alan's recovery in "The Real Alan Tracy"?, they find out because Alan says Tracy Enterprises won't be selling his software because his own company will. Depending on the relationship Alan is having with his family when it happens, it could even be someone from the company tries to force the myserious owner of AT-11 to sell to them, maybe even claiming that the unknown owner risks National Security.

Wow. I am putting way too much thought into your story and I need to get back to mine. Thanks for sharing this adventure.
4/22/2012 c19 11Blue Zephyr Dragon
I liked this chapter but I feel sorry for Alan. To be truthful if my family kept on pushing me aside like that I would go and never return but I guess Grandma keeps him from totally giving up. Look forward to the next chapter.
4/19/2012 c19 beckyboo10
hi yet another amazing chapter,poor alan no one understands him,hope they dont keep pushing him aside jeff makes me so angry open your eye man!
4/18/2012 c19 jo1966
Yet another great chapter. Jeff still isn't listening to Alan. Wonder what Alan has in mind for the family, can't wait to find out. Thanks
4/18/2012 c19 50thunderbird5
poor alan.
4/12/2012 c18 LZALA
it was about time to Jeff realize he needs stay more with Alan! You know just for once i wanted a story when Jeff actually lose Alan and have to fought for his son acceptance

btw Are you going to wrote another story? please do it! love you stories
4/12/2012 c18 Laesk
an intesting chapter. thank you
4/12/2012 c18 thunderbird5
I hope that the others would really take a good look at Alan. I know what his feeling. I to have the same problem. Trying to show my family what i could do. They don't see it.
4/11/2012 c18 71JOTRACY123
yeah i lot of Grandma. here is hoping that she can sort everyone out. great chapter and update soon xxxx
4/11/2012 c18 72criminally charmed
Am I the only one who wants to b-slap Jeff up against his head? Seriously - he doesn't know his youngest at all.
4/11/2012 c17 Laesk
an intesting chapter. thank you
4/8/2012 c17 um
what about his ribs? Wasn't he hit with a baseball bat
4/8/2012 c17 50thunderbird5
Poor Alan. Hope they sort things out soon.
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