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4/8/2012 c17 jo1966
Loved the chapter. Scott is being sweet to Alan, but Jeff still doesn't see he is upsetting Alan. Can't wait to see what happens to Alan in the operating theater.
4/8/2012 c17 MJ
Really enjoying this story. Poor Alan I think he may misinterpret Jeff and Scott's reactions at the hospital and think they are angry or disappointed in him.
4/8/2012 c17 16grnfield
Aaaaw! Alan may not be completely sound at the moment but at least it looks like he's finally safe again!

I can't help but think that the fallout to his escapades in the woods & river is going to take a lot more sorting out than either Jeff or Scott is expecting. They still need to prove to Alan that they love and want him before he's going to let them in properly. Grandma's obvioulsy still the only one he trusts completely.

Great work, looking forward to chapter 18!
4/7/2012 c17 72criminally charmed
Ouch. But I do agree with John, Alan's physical injuries are not half as bad as his psychological ones. Hopefully, the family will spare the time to deal with them.
4/3/2012 c16 LZALA
they finnally found Alan, I hope he'll be okay and jeff didn't fight with him!

I think you should write more Thunderbirds fanfics!I definitily would read all your fics, i already finish "The real Alan Tracy"
4/3/2012 c16 72Iniysa
Another great chapter, looking forward to more. :)

4/3/2012 c15 Laesk
chapter 16 a very good chapter, thank you. i am enjoying reading your stories
4/2/2012 c16 Trillianaus
Poor Alan...still "not out of the woods" yet!
4/2/2012 c16 72criminally charmed
Wow...I don't think I even whup Alan that much. Well, not all in one story.
3/26/2012 c16 Laesk
i think chapters 15 and 16 seem to be the same. most likely the site did two pagies when you added one.

thanks for the chapter, it was a good one and i look forwards to reading more. it is getting very intesting.
3/26/2012 c16 50thunderbird5
Oh no. Someone save them.
3/25/2012 c16 1Lady Ashlynne
Umm, just thought you should know that chapter 15 loaded twice as chapters 15 and 16.
3/25/2012 c16 3daggers
Random review but you got two of the same chapeters up...

but love your story can't wait to read more! ^_^
3/25/2012 c15 72criminally charmed
Wow...I don't think I even whup Alan that much. Well, not all in one story.
3/25/2012 c15 16grnfield
Eeek, you're not done with the Alan whumping yet! Looking forward to more!
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