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7/27/2014 c5 atypeoftangerine
I can't remember if I reviewed his already, but I read it again so I will just go with it. Here's the thing- last night I stayed up til almost one a.m. looking for it. I finally found it this morning and j was extremely happy. Thank you so much for this, I love how Beck protects Jade at the beginning, and how Jade becomes accepting of the idea of a wedding at the end. This is truly adorable. Thank you.
2/12/2012 c5 14OnlyHurtInside
So i absolutely loved this. but ever since that breakup, my mind hasn't been right. so when I read this, I started crying, because he PROMISED he wouldn't leave her. i hope while their split he doesn't stop loving her...

Amazing story. i loved it soooo much!
2/11/2012 c5 redvelvet
i love Bade! and your story! :D
1/26/2012 c5 LostInASeaOfSilence
Loved it! This story was really cute, and sweet! I hope to see more stories from you in the future! :]
1/26/2012 c5 2Jeremy Shane
Good Story
1/26/2012 c5 2Serina Tsuki
1/26/2012 c5 3twenty four7bade
Awesome ending! Hate to see if end, but u did it awesomely!
1/25/2012 c5 2zoelou-zo
Fantastic! Loved it! Great Job! Update soon!
1/25/2012 c5 6CalvinWinchester97
Aww I love this story! And now it's over... Sadness :( however, i'll keep my eyes open for your future stories :)
1/25/2012 c5 13Andrea1301
OMG! l nearly died with the ending! You are a great author... just saying...
1/25/2012 c5 3cloudypaws
1/23/2012 c4 5iwillloveyouforeverbaby
Aww such a cute story! I love it, please keep writing! i beg u, ill send cookies! lol
1/23/2012 c4 3cloudypaws
1/23/2012 c4 2Jeremy Shane
Good Chapter & More Please
1/23/2012 c4 iamreallyreallybored
Awww cute :)
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