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for A Scared Shecat of The Ancient Clans

9/1/2012 c3 4ClearDrops
I think this is good but there's to many "and" in one sentence.
Try to use less.
Anyways good fanfic! :D
7/5/2012 c15 xXDreamQueenXx
7/5/2012 c14 xXDreamQueenXx
darkpaw -_-

destinyXberry! :D

oh no!the medicine cats! DX
6/8/2012 c15 Silverfire
A rouge for you!

Ivory a purple ish black she cat with jet black stripes and flame red paws. She is wary but has a heart of gold on the inside. She is Extreamly stubborn and shows when she's bored. She is Destinypaws age and has a huge crush on warrior name will be her dragon is Muffin/Thunder. (will be adopted)

Muffin/Thunder a dark purple with a yellow belly streak. She is friendly and kind. Everything you would want in a dragon! Except one thing- her eyes. She is lazy eyed in her right eye. She has brilliant golden eyes.
6/8/2012 c15 GinnyStar
I had to re-read the whole story, well written good background, I could feel myself there
6/8/2012 c15 13Galefire

I love this so much!
6/8/2012 c15 3Getara
It's okay if you forgot besides it's a good story you don't have to blame yourself and it may be a short chapter but it's one chapter of a great story and it only makes the story better the more chapters there are
6/4/2012 c14 Getara
Thanx your the best, your the awesomest author EVER!
5/23/2012 c13 xXDreamQueenXx
cant wait for next chapter!:D

and thanks for using my cat,light!:D
4/22/2012 c1 3ponyiowa
This seems like a nice enough story. One thing is, though, is that while all the other names are canon enough, Destinykit is definitely not canon-like and almost seems Mary-Sueish. Perhaps you could change it to something similar, but that's not Mary-Sueish?
4/20/2012 c13 3Getara
I wuv this story can you pwetty pwease add this character in ya awesome story oh awesome writer who's story I wuv

Name-Patch (Spottedpaw when accepted in clan and her warrior name is Spottedfire)

Description -tortoiseshell she-cat with orange splotches and emerald green eyes

Personality-pretty,sweet,mother-like,kind, nice, caring, loyal, brave,funny, smart, feirce

temper, sharp tounge, playfull

Age-8 moons

Dragons-pretty emerald green she-dragon with turquoise eyes

4/18/2012 c13 Pengirl
Mistyflower! Pengirl here! You've posted a chapter of Roses in the Dark on ASSCOTAC LOL! I like this chapter though! Very cool of Roses in the Dark!
4/18/2012 c13 cloudyswifty
umm, I think u mixed up chapter 13 with roses in the dark, there is'nt a Rosewater in this story.
4/4/2012 c12 xXDreamQueenXx
love destinypaws determination to get the dragon she wanted!:D

cant wait for the next chapter!C:

love your writing style and plot!:)
3/28/2012 c2 Smurflover
Good story! Be careful for run on sentences!

-SmurfLover of WillowClan (Looking for more members. Check us out!)
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