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for A Scared Shecat of The Ancient Clans

3/28/2012 c11 Weathertail Fan XP
Awesome, update!

Destinypaw: Yeah I wanna see what happens to me!

Darkpaw: You know you see the future!

Destinypaw: Shut up.



~Weathertail Fan XP~
3/27/2012 c11 Penguinsky
Mistyflower68... you posted chapter 9 twice! `Please don't take this as a flame!`
3/26/2012 c11 xXDreamQueenXx
love it!:D

cant wait for the next chapter!:D
3/26/2012 c11 Pantherstar101dragonlover
Awesome! Write more, please!
3/26/2012 c11 GinnyStar
Very differnt type of mix, and you got a double post here
3/23/2012 c10 xXDreamQueenXx
i HATE darkenstar!-_-

LOVE the story!C:

heres my cat!:D

Name: Light

Gender: she cat

Age: whatever yo want

Appearance: dark creme she cat with a slender built and dark brown paws and grey eyes and dark blue around the pupils

Personality: shes sweet but anger her,and her fierce temper will kick in.her tongue is sharp as a thorn and can think of remarks.shes adventurous,brave,and daring,shes also wise for her age and is charming and has a sense of humor.she aslo has this sweet scent on her.
3/20/2012 c10 Joltner
I LOVE the story! O.O The some of the dragons scare me, X3. May I send you a OC?

Name: Apfel (meaning apple in german)

Gender: She-cat

Pelt: Cream with pale ginger points (ears,tail,paws,face), white speckles on back.

Eyes: Dark blue with green specks.

Peronality: Kind, shy, playfull.

This story is so awesome, ima exploded when the next chapter comes out!
3/11/2012 c9 xXDreamQueenXx
oh i hope destinykit will be okay!

love your story!cant wait for the next update!:D
2/25/2012 c8 xXDreamQueenXx
haha laughing their tails off xD

and darkernstar is a d*uche -.-

i freaking love this story!:D
2/24/2012 c8 13Galefire
Great job!

Poor weathertail! I really liked her!

Her kits have awesome names, by the way.

Grr... I hate Darkenstar! Go die in a hole, you peice of kit- abusing fox dung! Not even a mother could like you!

Very suspenseful! Update soon!
2/23/2012 c8 7Lunarwing-Hawktalon
Poor Weathertail, Grassmoss and their kits for having to grow up without knowing their mother. Darkenstar will pay for this, (somehow, I will get revenge!)

Apart from all my ranting, this story is awesome! Going on favourites for sure! Wait, why haven't I done that yet? Oh well, keep up the great work!

2/20/2012 c7 Pengirl
Galefire- Yes, Destinykit can see the future, but it is only when StarClan decides to show her. There might be a cliffe in chapter 8 so I'll get Mistyflower to post that up. Lol. And have you noticed Destinykit and Berrypaw, they seem quite frendly like romancite frendly XD!

Starbomb- I liked Creekfall too but she had to go in battle. I had to do it. Destinykit has to save the clnas remember? Bring peace? While she is a kit, cats she likes are in battle and cats I like as well perish in battle. Sorry but she will be seen nearly every time Destinykit has a dream from Starclan so look out for that okay?

~Pengirl out~
2/19/2012 c7 xXDreamQueenXx
poor creekfall!and destiny since she lost important ones!:'(
2/19/2012 c7 13Galefire
Great chapter! I wonder how Destinykit knows that she's going to die. Can she see the future? Because that would be epic! I'm so sad that Creekfall died! I really liked her! Amazing job! keep updating!
2/15/2012 c6 xXDreamQueenXx
i love this story!so unique and action-packed!:D
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