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3/24/2012 c9 Meggan B
Ming, you really shouldn't have done that...

And it looks like the pygmy-puma's out of the bag now, regarding Zuko and Katara's relationship.
3/24/2012 c8 Meggan B
Ohh, that was painful to read. Poor Azula.
3/24/2012 c7 Meggan B
He brought out Wang Fire? Seriously? Oh, Sokka! X-D
3/24/2012 c5 Meggan B
Yayyy for Sokka! You totally nailed his rambling.

And oooh, a glimpse of that promised Zutaraness! :-)
3/24/2012 c4 Meggan B
So Ozai finally got a taste of his own medicine. But just a taste; Zuko's burn had to be far worse, penetrating deeper into the epidermis, to leave the scar that still existed years later.
3/24/2012 c3 Meggan B
Hey, it's Ming the Merciful!

-pauses to see if anyone else gets it-

(mumbles) nevermind...
3/24/2012 c2 Meggan B
Ohhh, that's very Ozai. -shudders-
3/24/2012 c1 Meggan B
This looks promising! ...Okay, didn't actually intend the pun there. But while waiting for the next installment of "The Promise", it'll be good to see how that might play out without Aang and Katara calling each other 'sweetie' and giving poor Sokka the oogies.
3/24/2012 c13 121Kimberly T
Oh. My.

I quite honestly wasn't expecting either of those deaths, though I suppose I should have; they were both in character for Ozai given what we know of him.

"Your comments were instrumental in framing the details of the events in this one, and to follow. Please keep the suggestions coming!" -ohgoodgawd, I wasn't meaning to SUGGEST that you kill off either Zuko or Katara! Just that as far as Ozai was concerned, that would be a happy ending-and he does NOT deserve one!
3/23/2012 c13 79JackieStarSister
Wow. More violence than I expected from this story.

I was surprised by the part with Azula, but I think it makes sense, I can imagine Ozai thinking that way. And you did show that he cared about his daughter, just in a weird and slightly twisted way.

I'm not sure what to say about Ming … I never really knew what to make of their attraction. Ozai really is heartless - now. it seems he hasn't changed at all in this story. I guess I should have known.

I really can't imagine what's going to happen next. I hope everything turns out all right … Continue to update soon!
3/23/2012 c13 7snarkhunter
Oh, poor Ming. Her end was inevitable, I think, though I admit I held out hope to the bitter end. Even after he killed Azula. (I'm going to blame the martinis, here. Heh.)

Can't wait for the next bit.
3/23/2012 c13 1jmac1220
*Applause*! Truly a superlative story.
3/23/2012 c13 11Thomas Drovin
Welcome back! I knew this was eventually coming from the last chapter...I don't know who to feel more sorry for. Ozai for killing his daughter in an act of 'kindness' along with Ming.

Or Ming for trying to save Ozai only having her affection rewarded with death.

So the big finish is upon us huh? Will Ozai get what he wants a PROPER show down with Zuko? Will Aang come back? Are most of the Gaang dead becasue of these riots? Update again soon so I can get the answers!

PS: As for fight scenes they're not that difficult they're a bit like the classic movie gun battles, instead of guns they are using bending. Or if that dosen't feel right try the classic marshal arts type stuff instead of punching they use bending. I'm sure you'll get it, see you soon!
3/23/2012 c13 11darkdaysofsummer
Oh wow. I did not see that coming. The Azula seen made me sad. I wonder how Zuko will react when he finds out. I can't wait! Please update soon.
3/23/2012 c13 ArrayePL
Wow, so dark but I really liked it. So there will be a showdown? I can't wait to read more.
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