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for Conversations with Mom

8/1/2021 c6 3RCKBNFSK
This was a great concept and very well written . I know its been a decade but I'd love to know what happens next! I see you're still around with great reviews.
4/5/2017 c6 GT500RonSmith
Surprised he still pulled away after the good night they had at the benefit! He should know from her actions that she isn't thinking of him as a just a partner anymore. Still, she doesn't seem to want to confront him, ask him outright what the problem is. Just told her mom about the problem and it never rang a bell for her! Shame on her!
4/5/2017 c5 GT500RonSmith
She's admitted a lot to him! He shouldn't have a doubt of her feelings for him. I think it's time!
4/5/2017 c4 GT500RonSmith
Sounds like she's getting close to the breaking point! She's going to cross that line and ask him into her life. Make him the happiest he's been since Alexis' birth!
4/4/2017 c3 GT500RonSmith
So afraid of losing him as a partner and needing to do things right! But, all was well!
4/4/2017 c2 GT500RonSmith
I always wished that they had shown them dancing at the Ryan reception! I love the thought of them dancing! She still fears opening up to him! What a shame!
8/13/2012 c6 1iSkematic
This was a fantastic idea. Please keep up the story, I am really enjoying it.
3/30/2012 c6 16purplangel
I love how the timeline correlates with your other fic, Conversations with Family & Friends! Another amazing chapter where you take conversations/lines from the show and quote them in your story. My fav line, "Lanie will help me. She scares the crap out of Castle." lol
3/1/2012 c5 purplangel
I love how you're incorporating previous episodes into her discussions with her Mom. It was especially good this time with Sophia. It was awesome to read about her jealousy.

My fav lines, "I know I hurt them and our friendships with my selfishness but I am determined to repair that damage." (Hopefully KB, on the show, soon realizes this :)

"It made me wonder if everything that I am working so hard to achieve was going to be worth the risk." (This line nailed Kate to a T!)

"When I asked him if he would ever leave or get bored with me after we slept together he said there are still too many layers of the "Beckett Onion" he hasn't peeled away yet and I was the best mystery of his life." (I could so see Castle saying this to Kate)

"He keeps telling me that he will wait for me but how long can I realistically ask him to wait? It's like I am playing with his emotions or holding them hostage." (100% true!)

Grea job Julie
2/6/2012 c4 luvTaylorSwift
This is a really believable story. Even though it's not written into the show, I'm positive that Kate visits her Mom at her grave and has conversations with her just like this!
1/29/2012 c4 purplangel
This chapter brought tears to my eyes. I could feel Kate's loneliness. You're doing a GREAT job incorporating her feelings into the chapters.
1/25/2012 c2 purplangel
Loved the lines, "He even gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek when he dropped me off at my apartment at the end of the night. He actually thanked me for taking pity on him and being his plus one. (This is so chivalrous, charming Rick) and then "Sometimes it's the quiet reassurance that he is there for me, other times it a whispered word and more often than not, it is just a look that passes between us." The looks that pass between these 2...sigh*
1/25/2012 c1 purplangel
I can't believe this story doesn't have more reviews...Your insight to Kate is spot on where her emotions are concerned and I love that Castle asked Johanna for permission to take her extraordinary daughter to the fund raiser. Really beautiful writing.
1/19/2012 c1 7nikoli1
Ahhh, this was a great story! I liked the reminder of the scholarship in honor of Kate's mom. The show has rather left that to the wayside and it is nice to know someone is still keeping it an important message. All the things that has made Castle that much more special to Kate.

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