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3/3 c10 Sylwinka1991
Again Fanfiction cut my review. So I continuue. I love that things straightened up between Dean and Heather, Dean and Sam. Sam's trip to Yvette, well I didn't thought about that. He did great job with figure some facts, he's our lovely geek.

And I totally started to scream with joy when Sam proposed to TJ. My God, it was so beautiful and romantic.

Well, third installment of Redefining Joy Verse, here I come!
3/3 c10 Sylwinka1991
Thank you so much for that story I totally LOVE IT! I love that things between Dean and Heather, Dean and Sam
3/2 c9 Sylwinka1991
My heart ached when Sam's body started spasming so violently, luckily TJ was in apartment with Sam.
Earlier I screamed after Heather to not go on hunt but likely she's safe but now Dean has even more explain to do. Know I want to scream after Sam because he's definitely not gonna give up to find out what is going on at Ford's, especially after phonecall from Bobby.
3/2 c8 Sylwinka1991
Yep, Dean'sl abilityto fight with anyone is a good sigh that he's health condition is improving. LOL.
For the God's sake, Heather don't go on hunt alone! I'm begging you!
3/1 c7 Sylwinka1991
That one broke my heart. I was so scared during entire chapter. First when we learnt that Sam and Dean had car accident and then Dean is in really bad condition. I knew it that hidding cracked ribs from Sam gonna end bad for Dean.
At least things between Dean and Heather moving on.
3/1 c6 Sylwinka1991
I love this story! This is intense and dark. I was right about Dr Ford experimenting on animals and not only to find a cure for SCI. Not knowing that Rocket is a live proof that it's possible to have a cure explain how Rocket survived the UPS truck accident and how he's so fast and jumpy.
I don't like secrets between brothers, it always ends up bad.
2/28 c5 Sylwinka1991
Is dr Ford is experimenting on animals to somehow find a cure for his wife? And Gordon with dr Ford is somehow experimenting and torturing on vampires ect. I don't like their partnership, it gaves me chills.
Felicia sounds like a such a great person.
OMG that gunshot! Something happened between Gordon and Dean.
2/28 c4 Sylwinka1991
Sorry Fanfiction site got cut my comment on chapter 4. So I continnue. I think that Heather might be somehow end up on hunting case to make Heather believe in what Dean said about his real life.
That tough situation with Rocket. When I saw Gordon's name in chapter I immediately tensed up because Gordon always brings problems. Bobby's phonecall in the end of chapter certainly confirms it.
2/28 c4 Sylwinka1991
Another amazing chapter. That situation with Heather and Dean is really hard and sad. I think that she might be
2/27 c3 Sylwinka1991
I love how Sam trained Rocket, this is a really good dog and even Dean started to accept him. He's a furry hero! That situation with rescuing toddler and Rocket's accident with UPS truck gave me a heartattack. It was really a miracle that Rocket didn't die there. That would be so devastating for Sam.
Yep, I think that footage of Sam and Rocket in the TV news can bring problems on Sam and Dean. Damn it!

And what an cliffhanger at the end of this chapter! Dean will have a lot to explain for Heather.
2/26 c2 Sylwinka1991
That was heartbreaking episode, poor Heather. No wonder that she was so broken after what happened. Heather don't know how much she has in common with Dean when it comes to be paramedic and the hunter. About Dean still going on hunt, we know from the show that it was hard for Dean to quit hunting. That always kept coming back even if he tried to have so called normal life. But reading about Dean still occasionally hunting in your story kinda suprised me that he is still doing this especially after Sam's injury. It suprised me like when we learnt in the show that Mary was still hunting even after Dean was born.
2/25 c1 Sylwinka1991
I like your first story in Redefining Joy's Verse so I'm happy to continue stories in this verse. That first chapter is amazing, a lot is going on in there. I love Sam, Dean, TJ and Heather hanging out together. Dean and TJ's teasing and bickering is funny. Correct me if I'm wrong but you said in first story that TJ is like female version of Dean? Maybe it's why Dean and TJ like to tease each other so much?
That asshole Ronnie so pissed me off. How he could be so unsensitive about Sam to call with a cripple twice?! He was so lucky in his stupidy that Dean didn't beat him up for this. TJ revenge was so accurate. We know that Sam loves the dogs so I thing it's a good idea to adopt a dog. The will be have a company and I think Rocket can help him stay active, cheer him up when Sam will have a bad day. I think that Dean will be happy because of that too, that Sam have another thing that make him happy.

About Heather and Dean's talk about ghost, hunting ect. You said in description that Heather will found out about Dean and Sam's job. I wonder if it will have connection with that hunted hotel that was mentioned twice in this chapter? Maybe Dean will have to protect Heather if she will be in that hotel and there will that ghost from Dean's story? I know it's sound cheesy but that's what came to my mind after reading that chapter.
8/26/2020 c3 1pearl037
I don’t know what this says about me, but I needed a trigger warning for the dog. Thanks for not killing the fur child and for this story as well. I go back to teaching in a couple weeks, and your writing has been a beautiful distraction!
12/31/2016 c10 spnbaby67
I just read this and I love it. Its amazing and captivating has kept me entraned over four days reading I barely got sleep, im so happy with sam and tj engaged. ? I felt the writing of characters were spot on.. starting the next one now. I hope u keep writing ut a great writer. Thank u for giving me reasons to read sgain...
5/15/2015 c10 1beckini
Great story! I LOVED IT! On to the next one! FAVE!
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