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3/22/2012 c9 9Catsluver
Wonderful chapter. I love the 'moment of truth' between Sam and Tj. I so hope Dean and Heather can get together too.

This is such a good story! I'm always pleased to see updates.
3/22/2012 c9 SPN Mum
Oh dear, Heather is going to take the brunt of Dean's anger at Sam. Sam is finally making everything perfect with TJ, but he needs to take care of what happened at the Ford's house with Dean, who isn't having any. You'd think they'd have learned by now, not to lie to each other, but they still do it. *sigh* I wonder if Heather is finally coming to grips with everything Sam and Dean told her. TJ accepted that Sam wasn't lying, but then, she saw the demon, and what it could do, firsthand. I hope Dean doesn't antagonize her too bad. lol
3/21/2012 c9 110The Lilac Elf of Lothlorien
Just another wacky couple days in the lives of the Winchesters and Friends...

Their lives are never boring.

I do have one question: How long until Sam pops the question to TJ?
3/21/2012 c9 BranchSuper
Good chapter.
3/21/2012 c9 SomebodyWhoCares
3/21/2012 c9 1Nyx Ro
Hmm... so was Sam trying to decide whether or not to raise the issue with Dean right then, or follow Bobby's advice and wait until Dean was more recovered... or was he passively-agressively serving Dean some of his own medicine by refusing to tell Dean what he was upset about? ;-D

Well, at least Heather was able to find independent confirmation of what the boys told her, though Sam's got Dean so aggravated now he might not take it well that she went looking for verification...
3/21/2012 c9 Dee2436
No, No, Nooooo! Please don't end this so soon!
3/18/2012 c8 ElizaT
Quero que Dean e Heather fiquem bem! ahhh! rsrsr

Enfim, que susto que Dean deu, hein?

Parabéns, novamente, rsrsrsr

A economia nos comentários é totalmente minha culpa! Você é perfeita, como sempre..

3/18/2012 c7 ElizaT
por favor, por favor, por favor, por favor, por favor, me desculpe por demorar tanto para comentar!

Mas aqui estou eu, só pra dizer novamente, mas mais rapidamente, que é tudo perfeitamente perfeito! rsrsrs

3/16/2012 c8 preciosachula
I really enjoy your style of writing! The fact that now you have written a story with hurt Dean, makes me even happier. Not because he's hurt or anything, but watching his love story unfold. I hope he and Heather make up soon! Can't wait to see your next update :)
3/16/2012 c8 SPN Mum
Wow, Sam was finally convinced to go home and get some rest. I hope he doesn't suffer any consequences for neglecting himself for so long. TJ better check him out, or insist that he do it. He might have repercussions from sitting still for so long. Now, Heather thinks she can find out what really happened to Dean? She doesn't have the know-how. Sam is intent on finding out for himself, so she might try following Sam...
3/16/2012 c8 keep-eternity
Ahhh, Dean and Heather! I know Dean is acting in a VERY Dean-like fashion here (especially after what happened with Heather previously, compounded by the fact that he's sick) but that doesn't stop me from wanting to scream about how he's trying to push Heather away. You have to let you guard down, Dean! I know that hasn't worked out so well for you in the past, but I have faith in Heather to make this right. I think she really wants to try.

I can't wait to see what her research turns up!

Also, I hope Sam is ok after all that time spent at the hospital. And that he doesn't get himself into any kind of trouble trying to figure out what went down at the Ford house. I wouldn't want to be Dean when Sam starts grilling him about how he got hurt!
3/14/2012 c8 BranchSuper
Dean's starting to improve, amd Heather has come to sit with him to give Sam and TJ a break. Hmmmm. She's having some time to think about things. Look out, Heather, illumination may be hazardous to your health, especially if you go hunting for it. Good chapter.
3/14/2012 c8 SomebodyWhoCares
yes go hunt! lol
3/14/2012 c8 110The Lilac Elf of Lothlorien
Nicely done!

Got to admit, the boys really have found the perfect girls whether they realize it (Sam) or not (Dean).

Hope Dean gets better fast before Sam gets into trouble. (Because you know he will.)
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