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1/27/2012 c2 im gone now
that was great :D

i feel so awful for heather though
1/26/2012 c2 6coolhan08
Sorry that I'm just now reviewing this, but as always this is great, but the part where Heather was describing the scene of the accident was really, really sad. Anyway, first of all, all the information I gave you was integrated into the chapter perfectly! Second, you're doing an awesome job at distinguishing Dean & Heather's relationship from Sam & TJ's. This chapter in particular allowed us to really get to know Heather; I can't even imagine how hard it would be to be a paramedic and have to see things like that horrible accident; I can definitely see why Heather tries to keep her emotions to herself. But I love how Heather told Dean she loves him even though she knew Dean probably wouldn't say it back. I think Dean really loves Heather but he's just afraid to admit it. And finally, can I just say I love Rocket; he's so adorable! Anyway, great job and I can't wait to read more!
1/25/2012 c2 SPN Mum
Oh Dean! Hunting again? Sam doesn't want him hunting, he wants him safe, in a relationship with Heather cause she's good for him. Research for Bobby now and then is one thing, but actively hunting? I wish that Dean could take that final step, the way Sam did with TJ. Look how much happier Sam and TJ are, now that they have accepted each other completely, faults and all. I know they don't have an easy life, but they sure have earned some happiness. I'm glad that Dean was home when Heather came by, and that he came back to her instead of going on that hunt. She really needed him. I bet there will be more moments like that too. It's the nature of her job. I wonder if she will hang around Sam and Dean's place more? I'd like to see her spend more time getting to know Sam, since she still really hasn't had much of a chance, and he needs to get to know her too.

Loving this story as much as your other one! :D
1/25/2012 c2 9Catsluver
Good chapter. I liked the angst between Dean/Rocket. I can just see this dog stealing food... Nice job between the lines too. The ultimate comfort and affirmation of life. Dean can be sweet.

1/25/2012 c2 keep-eternity
Another great chapter! I know you said it was set up for upcoming chapters, but I think it's important to check in with where each character is at and see what is goin on in their heads. So I really enjoyed this!

Rocket might be my new favorite character, I want to give Heather and TJ all of the hugs and I like that Sam and Dean are there to support the girls. I especially like the Sam and TJ dynamic here. It's great that they can *both* be there for the other one when they need it. 3 And I'm sure that as we delve more into the Dean and Heather relationship, I will love them just as much!
1/25/2012 c2 110The Lilac Elf of Lothlorien

My Aussie, Darby, isn't much for the food stealing, but rather he'll have his nose millimeters away while he's giving me this "I'm not touching it" look.

So when is Heather going to find out about the Winchester Family Secret I wonder?
1/22/2012 c1 2MysteryMadchen
So glad for a a sequel this close to the close of the last story and will of course start my bugging now. :) really hoping for some good Limp Sam and a few chapters of Sam in the hospital. Please pretty please and then of course I'd love it if Sam's spine was not severed like everybody thinks it is. Would love to see how Sam's inner mono-log works when he encounters people like the dog catcher and what he's feeling, depressed, embarrassed, ect. I'd like it if the doctor that told him it was severed was a demon working for old yellow eyes. Not that he would need to be totally healed or anything, I just desperately want him to be "functioning" if you know what I mean and or able to stand, not necessarily walk, but stand. :P Like I've always said I'm a giant pain in the ass but hey you never know if you don't ask right? Love your writing style and your stories regardless of if they go the direction of my suggestions or not thanks for the new installment, Nicole. :)
1/20/2012 c1 im gone now
yay im so glad you did the sequel! i looove it so far, great details. cant wait for the next chapter :)
1/20/2012 c1 keep-eternity
Yay! I'm super excited that you're writing a sequel! I haven't had very much time to read lately, but when this popped up in my email, I knew I had to make time to read it, and it did not disappoint. :D

I can't wait to see where this story is going to go. I love Sam and TJ being disgustingly in love (hearts!) and I can't wait to see how things are going to work with Heather and Dean when she finds out about hunting and the existence of the supernatural. And Rocket! What a fantastic name for a dog! And really, it just shows that not even stray dogs can resist Sam.
1/19/2012 c1 Bethanys
YES YES YES! I've been waiting for this! :D Thank you so much! I love it so far. Rocket sounds like a good idea for Dean & Sam. CANNOT WAIT for more!
1/19/2012 c1 110The Lilac Elf of Lothlorien
Very nice kick off. It's gonna be interesting how long Dean can keep Heather's questions at bay.

And it's funny that you mention the movie 'ET' since it happens to be the movie that scares me the most. (Go ahead and laugh. Everyone does.)
1/19/2012 c1 ElizaT
eu aqui! =)

eu já disse que amo como você escreve, não é?

como você descreve os mínimos detalhes e me faz imaginar a cena... é incrível!

Não vejo a hora de começar o foco do drama... uhuu

é bom ter uma história nova tua!
1/19/2012 c1 SPN Mum
Sam and TJ are going to spoil that dog! lol Dean said he didn't want it, but by the time that jerk, Ronnie, got through insulting Sam, he was more than ready to keep the dog. I think it will be good for Sam to have the dog to spend time with too. I have a feeling there's more to Rocket than meets the eye. ;)

So happy to see this story! I just KNEW you had more to tell us about this universe! *does happy dance*
1/19/2012 c1 9Catsluver
Great start. I'm glad you're continuing with Sam and TJ. I like having more Dean and Heather as well. Looking forward to the next update.
1/19/2012 c1 6coolhan08
I'm so glad you put this up! As always; it's so so good! I know you said this one will mostly be about Dean & Heather but so far you're doing a great job balancing it between Dean & Heather and Sam & TJ. Also, I love Rocket; he sounds adorable!
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