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for Protecting The Enemy

5/23/2017 c3 10Mizura Rani 1
IT'S REALLY AWESOME STORY, can you continue this please? I like it
6/16/2015 c3 PJODPRC9
Please update! :D
1/10/2015 c3 7Chick1966
WHY HAVE YOU NOT UPDATED YET?! please don't quit!
1/23/2014 c3 4Hottstuff JK
Dude you have to write more
12/15/2013 c3 lapislazulicomet
Please can you continue its so good and the suspense is killing me please...
*pout* mahahahaha no one can resist the pout ... Hehe did i type that out i...i...i...
*faint**wakes up* oh look at the time gtg...
7/21/2013 c3 4aku no tensai
12/20/2012 c3 12Awesome11
just the fan fic I've been looking for, I love it sooooooo much keep writing please, I really want to see how this turns out
10/24/2012 c3 2lucidatray7
Please update soon; I'm wanting to see what happens to the Strawberry.
10/15/2012 c3 3CieloLuna88
wow, it's exciting!
please continue this story!
9/16/2012 c3 1Tiny Yuki-heichou
awesome! :D can't wait for the next one .
8/5/2012 c3 12phantom130 5
Hello Kyuubi Kid. Awesome chapter! I'm sure we can expect a lot of action packed chapters to come, am I right? I'm looking forward to the update and nice job with the signature thing! Maybe I should try XD
8/3/2012 c3 6ShiroHichi891
HHHOOOOOORRRRRAAAAAAYYYYY! This was an AMAZING birthday present! Thank you so much girl! :D

As for my opinion on this chapter, I thought that -, even though you told me that you weren't very proud of it - it was excellently written! You lead up to the climactic cliffhanger at the end greatly and really made the end with Ichigo's capture come superbly. I don't really haven anything negative to say about this either, I just loved it so freakin' much! XD

I'm so very happy that you updated this unique, awesome chapter and thank you so much for the wonderful present! I look forward to the next one with eager excitement and I hope that you can get the next installment out soon! Until then! :D
8/3/2012 c3 4Zaraen
Damn, really curious now...and seeing as this is during the vizard arc things are gonna get more interesting I'll bet.
Thanks for the update :)
8/3/2012 c3 3Hartanna
That sounded painful. Ha. Poor Ichigo.
8/3/2012 c3 10Zangetsu50
My curiousity level is up! Im now restless to know whats gonna happen next
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