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12/2/2020 c74 00virtuezero
I'm seen a majority of the Harry Potter and Dragon Age, only crossover with Dragon Age 2, with Harry getting transported Kirkwall and such.

So its a very pleasant surprise to see a crossover with Dragon Age Inquisition and not only that involving just Harry, but Cedric, Viktor, and Fleur. Each of them have only known each other for a single semester at Hogwarts and are all rivals ( albiet for the Goblet of Fire challenge).

There is so much potential dyanmic wise and how they all would have to trust each other, just beyond being Wizard students, especially in a universe like Dragon Age where there such a major divide between Anti-Magic and Pro-Magic sentiment.

4 Heralds of Andraste and they are Mages (Wizards) ? Its going be quite the poltical and social upheaval, even more so given the Mage-Templar War.

Another thing I enjoy about this idea is of course the specfic setting and time it will be set in the Dragon Age verse. Its a chance of majorly expanding upon and altering the Dragon Age Inquisition story line, which had so much potential, but ultimately I felt fell flat and didn't go into full depth and possbilties it could have.

Especially in the villains department, The Elder One had so much potential as a villain, but ultimately was wasted, vice versa with the Venatori and Red Templars.

Along with the Mage-Templar War just disappearing to way side.

So you have a great opportunity here setting wise.

As for the Miscellanous ideas, they all sound very promising. With each Champion/Herald developing a dynamic with a different Inquisition Memeber and growing role within the Inqustion.

Varric's Nicknames for the Goblet of Fire crew are fitting of course.

Also like the hint and chilling implication of Cole and Solas sensing "Tom" ( Voldermort) inside Harry.

By all means please continue with this story, it so many possibilities.
8/3/2020 c74 phantomzeke
*raises hand* I'm Down
8/2/2020 c74 3WhiteElfElder
It has a lot of possibility, especially if Harry can get his eyes fixed. I do wonder if their magic would even work since the world's magic is different?
8/2/2020 c74 2CMVreud
I am sure it was immensely inappropriate but I couldn't but 'squeee~' at Harrys line of 'I am so fu**ed' and its later derivate.
Interesting, although somehow Dragon Age never raised my flags of interest.
8/2/2020 c74 alaskan-dracolych
This one looks to be really good. If you feel up to it, hell's yeah continue it. Haven't ran across any Inquisition/HP crosses yet and you are a great author.
8/1/2020 c74 1Still Not Dead Yet
I haven't played and Dragon Age, but I am a fan of stories that has the Champions working together.

Personally I don't think Harry/Fleur would be fit for this particular fic. I imagine events will bring all the champions closer together and we know Fleur is a big sister; maybe its just me but it seems more likely Fleur will be the one to adopt Harry rather than make moon eyes.
8/1/2020 c74 dragunpfeonyx
Ich mag die Geschichte bis jetzt bin mahl gespannt ob sie sie weiter Schreiben oder wie viele andere Autoren Scheitern und einfach aufgeben ansonsten ein guter Ansatz und die iede hatt was. Weiter so.
8/1/2020 c74 1Traveller
This story feels like it has real potential. I especially like the fact that Harry wasn't sent to Ferrelden alone, but also not with his best friends. I'm curious how you are going to incorporate the four's magic, and what the various factions attitudes will be, since I would think it's not Fade based magic.
8/1/2020 c74 Infinite8787
Honestly, this stormy sounds like one that I would love to read as it has the 4 Champions and specific roles for each. Along, with Harry getting drunk to share stories shows how much he has been through. I like these two world’s crossovers as it has to me, in my own opinion, the best way to include them in Dragon Age Inquisition. That is why I would throughly enjoy if you do continue this story.
8/1/2020 c74 8Zanji of clan okami
Okay all the yes for this story.

Yes sir I would like to know more, where were they during the tournament first task last inquiring minds want to onow
8/1/2020 c74 DarkRavie
I would love for you to write this story in full. It's interesting although I've no idea who the other non-HP characters are or which world they're in. And I'm not crazy about the Harry/Fleur pairing; in my mind I always see him paired with Luna or Daphne.
3/5/2020 c73 ArmorOfGeddon
Not gonna lie, this sounds like an amazing idea, especially if none of the UA class go along with him and we get an entire new class of OCs. Problem is, so much of the plot revolves around UA itself, Izuku would miss out on like 90% of the canon events. Not to mention any of his new classmates could/should be much weaker/less skilled/may have even worse personalities than Bakugo/etc. if his new school really is the worst in the country.
7/20/2019 c72 1The 17th Immortal
And while this theoretical epic free-for-all is happening, both "contestants" are both grinning like absolute fools, having the utter times of their lives with this match.

(Hayato can see very well that All Might is WORTHY of the title "Symbol of Peace", though he does still need to win the fight in order to take it from him; while at the same time, Toshinori himself can see how much the Katsujinken colors everything the The Man Without Enemies does. Because of this, and because of the natures of their Quirks, therefore they can both fight without needing to hold back, each cutting loose on an opponent that they know will happily take it. Not QUITE "World of Cardboard", but close enough for purposes.

(…I also desperately hope that such a match was filmed, even if only from an extreme distance (where the shockwaves wouldn't wreck the equipment). Can you imagine Izuku's response, the first time he watches it?)

I'd recommend Ken'ichi as Quirkless, personally – it would mesh well with the Masters' repeated canonical claim that he "has no talent", and also parallels All Might's (more jaded) statement from the first chapter of MHA that Izuku shouldn't become a Hero without a Quirk.
9/4/2018 c1 uzV9k
Veri n1c39upst0ri8I
8/17/2018 c14 phantomzeke
the only problem I see with this is the fact that a raitonfuuton combo wouldn't work. They're opposing elements and Lightning overpowers wind.
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