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3/5/2013 c32 ArmorOfGeddon
Yeah, I can see why this really only works as a snippet (and even the snippet wasn't that interesting). There isn't anything in RV that Yusuke can't curbstomp, even limiting his strength to Dark Tournament levels (save Alucard, and Yusuke's real srength should be sufficient for that threat). Yusuke wouldn't cheat on Keiko so no romance on his end either.

The whole fic would just be Tsukune's regular adventures and harem antics with Yuusuke there to beat down the bad guy on the rare occasions they need his help. Though, it'd be hilarious to see Yuusuke beating down the the Headmaster for luring Tsukune into danger like that and then leaving him high and dry.
3/5/2013 c32 Guest
Great idea here, although it could use some refinement. I'm sad to see that you've added this one to the rejects archive...
2/27/2013 c31 Guest
very good
2/23/2013 c30 Swords and Roses
Interesting...My favorites are Knight of Duel (Gundam Seed), Tennin (Naruto), XIII: The Conspiracy (Harry Potter), Harry Potter and Assassin's Creed, Yomi no Kage (Kenichi the Strongest Disciple), Anakin's Creed (Star Wars), and The Balance (Harry Potter/Assassin's Creed).

Are there anyone who has taken any of the stories in this archive? I want to read them since all of these ideas seem interesting and most seem well thought out.
2/5/2013 c30 1The 17th Immortal
I take it the reason you're also excluding Ron from the group, is because of how... determinedly lazy he is, especially in the head?

And please don't tell me it's Dumbledore who's the Templar-Wizards Grand Master – "greater good" or not, that would just be cliché! (Not to mention somewhat contradictory to Wormtail being a TRIPLE agent, come to think of it.)
1/26/2013 c29 SomeGuyFawkes
You forgot that Jar Jar was killed, early on, by a falling chunk of "blue ice" and was never heard from at all.
1/26/2013 c29 29SulliMike23
Now this idea I see a lot of potential in. If Anakin followed THIS creed of the Jedi, then the events leading up to the original trilogy would've been different.
1/22/2013 c28 Hinatafanboy
I always liked Renka and hoped she would have a bigger portion in the story.
1/13/2013 c28 Kal-NayahC
It's a pity you aren't interested in continuing any of your HSDK stories as there is a surprisingly few good fics available.
12/15/2012 c26 2ranma hibiki
now THIS is a story worth writing out! D
how would harry explain his finger being cut off? that the assassins have been known to do for their weapon of choice
11/20/2012 c7 9Danfiction
I really like this one...
11/20/2012 c22 Play4ever
This looks like a very interesting idea. Crossover based or your own "world"?
11/20/2012 c22 10Wonderbee31
Neat bit there, and can imagine the wackiness that Harry could get up to after all that.
2/7/2012 c19 Wonderbee31
Hmm, that has a tremendous amount of potential there, and would be hopeful that it might become a full fledged story one day.
2/7/2012 c19 Darkemace
This sounds like the HP version of NFS most wanted. If you do go that way you should let Harry win a few races before losing his GTR - I mean Firebolt.
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