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1/21/2012 c17 16animefan29
I also liked Uchiha savior because it provides an interesting twist, swapping the roles of Naruto and Sasuke.
1/21/2012 c16 animefan29
Of the rejected stories so far I like "The Lost Uchiha" and "Tennin" the best so far.
1/20/2012 c1 7Doctor Yami
Jesus CHRIST Tellemicus. Don't do that! My inbox practically exploded with Alerts.
1/20/2012 c8 The Wandering Soul of 1014
-Interesting. If anyone picks this up, might I suggest that the Goblet of Fire be used to call Harry back in? Voldemort is still ticked off at Harry, and finding the brat would be one of his goals.

As for Hermione, I believe her main sorting into Gryffindor was started due to Harry, or at least an interest in him. Without him, she'd probably end up in Ravenclaw, and she'd never be around the Troll.
1/20/2012 c11 ArmorOfGeddon
Sounds neat except for one small detail. It sounds like Naruto is not only not amongst any of the Genin teams but that he is also not an official shinobi. As much as I like to compare Sarutobi's incompetence to that of Dumbledore's I can't imagine he let Naruto choose not to become a shinobi even if he knew the boy was learning taijutsu from a group of masters. You would think he'd at least try to subtly influence the boy to join the Academy. At the very least Danzou would kick up an enormous fuss ("You're wasting our village's jinchuuriki even though the boy is strong enough to beat up some of our Genin without even using chakra!") and would probably try to snag the kid whenever an opportunity presented itself.
1/20/2012 c7 ArmorOfGeddon
Sounds like it'd make for a pretty awesome one-shot (albeit a lengthy one). Though I have one question; why Mizuki? He's pretty much garbage in a fight (unless you plan on giving him his moveset from the Naruto fighting games or his tiger form from the filler arc) and he lacks Sasuke's Sharingan for quickly learning bending.

For that matter, what about Orochimaru and the Curse Seal? No way in hell is Orochimaru passing up on an Uchiha who can manipulate all of the elements without hand signs; his pressure-point based martial arts, experience fighting in an actual war, and swordsmanship are just icing on the proverbial cake (he might even decide to just take him back to one of his bases then and there) and Sasuke can't possibly beat him unless he managed to copy blood-bending or lightning (and the latter is debateable). Would this Sasuke whose been a real hero and found love decide to join Orochimaru (even if only to betray him later)? What happens to the Naruto world once he's gone? Madara can't use him any more (though Madara tracking Sasuke to the Avatar world with his own dimension-warping abilities would make for an interesting new enemy) and I can't imagine the trauma Naruto would go through if his promise is now impossible (assuming it even gets made).
1/20/2012 c1 28SulliMike23
Lots of crazy ideas here bud. A Harry Potter version of SWE1, a Harry Potter/TMNT crossover, a role reversal of Sasuke and Naruto, a Naruto version of Gundam 00, the list just continues. Makes me wonder who will take which idea.
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