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5/18/2014 c27 InflatedChimp
I've only read a little Kenichi fan fiction, mostly crossovers, but I would really like to read this one :)
5/18/2014 c26 InflatedChimp
I think that I wana read this one too. You come up with a lot of good ideas ya know? ;p
5/18/2014 c25 InflatedChimp
This, this I could read.
5/18/2014 c24 InflatedChimp
I find this one a more entertaining idea than The Night Race, but I still don't think that I'd enjoy this too much.
5/18/2014 c23 InflatedChimp
So long as this is a crack fic I would read this :)
5/18/2014 c22 InflatedChimp
Meh, again one that isn't fleshed out enough to judge, and do I detect Fairy Tail?
5/17/2014 c21 InflatedChimp
I've never actually read a Primeval fanfic before, so I don't know whether I'd like this or not :p That said I'm a massive fan of the series and am now probably going to go try out a few fics :p
5/17/2014 c20 InflatedChimp
Hmmmm... Maybe.. This isn't fleshed out enough for me to make any form of judgement
5/17/2014 c19 InflatedChimp
While I don't think that I'd enjoy reading this one too much it is certainly an interesting concept :)
5/17/2014 c18 InflatedChimp
I've only seen the movie once and never the tv series so I'm not too interested in HtTyD. That said I have read a few fics and found them enjoyable, perhaps this one too.
5/17/2014 c17 InflatedChimp
I don't really know what to think of this one...
5/17/2014 c16 InflatedChimp
Though I do find this one to be interesting I've never really enjoyed dark Naruto fics.
5/17/2014 c15 InflatedChimp
Ehh don't like this one to much and judging by its length neither do you :p
5/17/2014 c14 InflatedChimp
Ok, so this is by far my favourite story on here, why isn't this on the poll?
5/15/2014 c13 InflatedChimp
I nice idea but I don't think I'd like to read it.
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