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8/8/2013 c12 19M2J MandalorianJedi
Almost reminds me of Spartacus mixed with a bit of God of War.

8/8/2013 c2 M2J MandalorianJedi
You know, this kind of reminds me of Firefly/Serenity. Harry's ship even has a similar name.
8/1/2013 c42 SomeGuyFawkes
Fun ideas. This could make an entertaining fic.
7/28/2013 c41 1Stiehl
This one sounds really interesting.
7/17/2013 c41 1Faraway-R
It says sooo much that a twelve year old (I think Hermione's 12th birthday is early autumn, about the same time Mundungus would be assassinated - and waves would start at Harry's 1st year not when he's twelve) is considered the most competent witch in the castle filled with no less than fifteen adults, including Dumbledore, McGonagall and Tom Riddle the spectre.

It says sooo much about either them three. Or the proficiency of Mundungus in this charm. I find several problems/questions/points that need to be addressed.
1) Mundungus hid the documents in Hogwarts. Why didn't he make a name-based charm to attract Dumbledore specifically?
2) Mundungus likely knew that Unspeakables had Harry. What prevented him from making a note that attracts Dumbledore in case of his death, that reveals that Unspeakables have Harry? After all, it's not like he'd be punished by magic AFTER his death.
3) Hermione's behavior is... just the slightest bit off. She has been consistently portrayed as having this Overpowering Need To Know. As the fanfic "Error of Soul" By Materia-Blade put it:

Harry felt something different. An almost malevolent need to know. Harry had never confronted Hermione's thirst for knowledge quite so closely before. Now it screamed for sustenance, like a woman lost in the desert might scream for water.

He was startled. Had she always been so... fervent? Feeling as he was, even he felt a near conscious desire to claw Dumbledore's mouth until it released the words of knowledge Hermione craved.

I mean, it's one thing to know "Professor Snape does his own private research". It's quite another to have read quite a bit of supposedly-his notes, and not want to know MORE.

Oh, and
4) Unless for SOME REASON the handwriting in the notes, and the handwriting on Snape's Blackboard of Potion Recipes are completely identical, Hermione ought to first have this nagging feeling, then put two and two together and realise it wasn't Snape's own notes.
7/16/2013 c40 16animefan29
Not a bad idea, but there is one point that really throws me. If the temple is from before the era of the Avatar, why does the gateway need an Avatar to form a bridge?
6/2/2013 c29 2Isrrah B
Wow. This is also an interesting premise. This would make for a great story. I've been wanting to do something with Star Wars for a long time, and the creed just makes it all the more enticing.
6/2/2013 c39 Isrrah B
This idea has certainly piqued my interest. I've been looking for some inspiration for some time now. I guess I just needed some fresh, new ideas. Anyway, would it be alright if I use this premise? I know the ideas are open but I just thought I'd get your consent beforehand. And if it's possible, do you think you could make a list of the authors that have used these ideas?
5/28/2013 c37 1Infinite Freedom
Please write this one.
5/28/2013 c39 ArmorOfGeddon
Sooo... this Menma is basically fanon-Sasuke (the character-bashed version that has him acting all evil and insanely arrogant before he was even marked with the Curse Seal)? Ugh. No thanks, please. Sasuke is bad enough, especially given the almost sickening wank he's being given now in the manga (How do you top Naruto super-charging the entire Alliance in order to save everyone? Let Sasuke ride in to the rescue with all of the past Hokage and Orochimaru at his back like they were all his sidekicks!), but an even more unlikeable version of him that is literally evil for no good reason other than because he's the "evil twin" is just too much.
4/10/2013 c8 Koroby
Harry Potter and HMDK crossover? Any chance of you forwarding a list of people who took up this story?
4/10/2013 c35 1The 17th Immortal
Interesting premise. About the only thing I would complain about is the attempted Japanese – "Sphere of the Sun" should be either "Taiyougan" or else "Taiyoudama"; Taiyouken is more like "Fist of the Sun".

Perhaps the Sage himself could have been an Assassin?
4/2/2013 c34 6Fiori75
Brother, if you do nothing else, you have to do this one. the sheer potential for it is epic. Especially since you can keep their personalities exactly the same. Most people seem to like changing personalities and then power set. But in this you can show how having actual ability can change a person the challenge of it as a writer is vast but come on tell me it doesn't just pique your interest s more than a one shot? Hell you could even be one of the few people that write a redeemed Kabuto! Think of the challenge!
3/5/2013 c32 8Thozmp Corris
So would Yusuke help train Tsukune, at least as far as surviving the academy goes? Could Tsukune even learn? What would the cast's reaction be to learning that Yusuke is S-class himself? Does the Safety Committee know what Yusuke is, or who he is the descendant of?

Still would like to see Yusuke's reaction to the head of the Safety Committee (can't remember his name).
3/5/2013 c32 1The 17th Immortal
Interesting premise, although I'd prefer it if it was still Tsukune that Moka was attracted to, blood-wise – AFAIK, it's BECAUSE Tsukune is pure-human, is what makes his blood so "delicious". Yusuke's blood would certainly be "exotic", I agree, but I can't really see that translate into Moka developing a crush on him.

Besides, all throughout the entire series, Yusuke's never once been anything BUT completely 100% faithful to Keiko – any attempt on Moka's part to get into a relationship with him would be doomed from the start.
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