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for An Unbreakable Bond

10/9/2018 c1 5Blue Dragon's Rider
Aww, it was so sweet. Love your story!
6/20/2012 c1 mystery box
That was funny. Saphira revealed her presence just to ask what a BFF was.

Also, it was funny when Eragon called Saphira "large one."
4/1/2012 c1 Hrothgar
My sugestion: write more.
2/9/2012 c1 Guest
please oh please update i love your ff! Good luck!;)
2/7/2012 c1 Guest
AMAZING!loved it give me
1/21/2012 c1 1Treachery Of Night
I must say this one shot is quite amusing whilst with s slight hint of sadness in the beginning and middle section. I certainly enjoyed reading this.

Best Regards, Treachery

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