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12/3/2013 c7 syahirah.ierah.94
great story,,,,,HUGE pleasee...continue the story...
11/2/2013 c7 AlphaRed11
Please please please continue/ update! :))) i'm loving the story so far! please dont stop :((((( ily xx
10/29/2013 c1 2NarutoSwag99
OMG! Your pic!THE GIRL WHO LEAPT THROUGH TIME! One of the greatest movies of all time! Hey did you figure out that her "aunt" is actually her from the future? Well you have now! Oh right loved the chapter!1
9/24/2012 c6 michelle88222
Great chapter like always! UPDATE!
9/23/2012 c6 21The Grey Wolf Ghost
Yay you updated, this was an awesome chapter as usual, I love how you have this fic set up, it feels like I'm watching the movie, but seeing more to it and I love that. Cant wait for your next update! Great job!
9/21/2012 c6 BakaTested
*Wails* sad... in a good way!
9/21/2012 c6 18HimeFlye
The cool thing was (and thus revealing your brilliance as an author) is I actually made up the video part in my head as I finished reading, only to find that you wrote it!

so, I caught up, and I will continue reading, can't wait to see what's next. :)

I will admit, I'm not sure how I feel about this story, I know there are others that you have written that I like better. and I know that I'm worried sick about Sai and I hope everything works out for him and the others. between Kakashi and Naruto, I think they have a chance, though I half expect Sasuke to play a major part as well. . . Those are just my thoughts, and I can't wait to see what you do (Though I am also cowering in fear about what you MIGHT do) If this ends in tragedy I am soooo demanding an alternate ending. :)

Anyways, good job, and I think you did great with Sakura's character, and Kakashi's too. I'm still trying to figure out Sasuke.

so far, my favorite parts has been this last video section with Sai. so sad and sweet.
9/17/2012 c5 21The Grey Wolf Ghost
This is such a wonderful fic, Spirited Away is my favorite of all Miyazaki films and Haku is my favorite of all the wonderful characters he has created and you brought him to life perfectly. I love what you have done and I can't wait to keep reading, I hope you update soon! Great job!
9/16/2012 c5 18HimeFlye
YA update!

overall I like your wording in this chapter, it's unique while still following the story.

a couple things: you cut off a few words in paragraph eight, and you have both 'put' and 'took' in the last line, which of course doesn't work.

:) (Not very often I get to edit for you is it?) :)

Anyways, Haku is so awesome, and I like the way you did the characters

2/23/2012 c3 15Avasinclair123
Is it sad that I imagined the River Spirit with Rafiki's voice?

Very well done, I'm likin it so far
2/22/2012 c3 18HimeFlye

Haku has to babysit hehehe. . .

I LOVED the staring contest and the way you described the baby was very appropriate I thought.
1/29/2012 c2 HimeFlye
Great work. I like how you stay in Haku's viewpoint so well, I am always tempted to step out so I can explain one thing or another, but your POV is set and well founded. very nicely done.
1/27/2012 c2 25Libby16
This was good, I'm really enjoying this so far!
1/27/2012 c2 1Rainbow Color Warrior
I like that your showing the movie from Haku's POV keep up the good work.
1/21/2012 c1 25Libby16
I really like this so far! The river spirit seems really interesting to me. I can't wait to read more!
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