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for Hidan No Aria: A new era of War

3/11/2019 c1 25Mike AZ 2
Looks good so far.
9/1/2018 c1 b0EWW
Veri n1c3etFst0rice
9/29/2016 c1 Unknown
2/17/2016 c6 Kinji-Senpai
Make another fan fic abt this
12/7/2012 c9 8Lord Vortrex
I have to say your story is extremely interesting albeit a little confusing. I would rate it a 3/5 but if I may ask why are you using so many OC's?
7/11/2012 c9 1yveinn milli
Cool stroy o.o
4/28/2012 c9 5Hydrocity3
This was your best chapter yet. I really enjoyed what you did with my OC. I think you have her personality down. On top of that, I see all of the characters have more of a prescence now. Good job dood.
4/28/2012 c9 3Nakashima Hatsuharu
Amazing chapter Fire Lord! It would have been flawless except for the few spelling mistakes I noticed. Anyway, I can't wait for the next chapter and I hope you could give my OC's a slightly increased apperance in the upcoming chapters!
4/21/2012 c8 Nakashima Hatsuharu
I want another chapter man, this thing's AWESOME. A little advice, try reducing the number of seans as it gets really confusing and add an M-Scene to spice things up!
4/21/2012 c6 Nakashima Hatsuharu
amazing story my friend, i hope all the best with your stories
4/17/2012 c8 5Hydrocity3
I read all 8 chapters. I have to say with so many Seans in one place, this is a very huge undertaking. Trying to balance it so the canon cast and all of the OCs personalities shine through must be a nightmare. I especially loved the few lines you gave Momo. Really kept to her personality. Anyway, good job dood. I hope you continue this story.
4/17/2012 c4 Hydrocity3
As I'm reading this, I keep thinking about Scott Pilgrim VS the World. Long story short, Scott Pilgrim Vs the World was originally Scott Pilgrim Vs the Matthews. So now I'm thinking Scott Pilgrim Vs the Seans right now.
4/17/2012 c3 Hydrocity3
"Soon everyone, including Momo Kisaragi, Riko's roommate and best friend," I see what you did there sir. It's nice to see my OC in another fic even if it's only a small role.
3/28/2012 c7 raveboys
now i feel stupid reviewing without reading all the chapter

finally i understand this author mixing many series like black cat, Venus Versus Virus, pandora hearts and many other..

now i excited to read another chapter
3/28/2012 c8 raveboys

for me this fanfic quite good despite harem genre

and i think you made a good job by making hidan no aria fanfic

but when i read the fanfic i quite confused about dean thing, coz so many character be introduced in this story

but overall, i give you my salute! and good job!
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