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for Stand and Scream

9/18/2013 c1 GiGitheHedgehog
Ah. You're making me cry D:
2/14/2012 c1 81Kuruk
I have no other adjective for this one but perfect. I know this is the second time I use this to describe your work, but it's the only word I can think of that fits.

When I reached the finale, I was hoping that everything would turn out alright. When Claus took off his mask and the background became a neutral monochrome, I was literally holding my breath. I wanted Lucas to take his brother home. I wanted them to try. I knew what had been done to Claus was terrible and that he was essentially a reanimated corpse, but I thought with Lucas and Flint's help he could heal.

Needless to say, when Claus attacked again knowing it would only rebound on him, I was just devastated. When the game prompted me to pull the needle, I genuinely said no. A lot of things really, really bothered me in the game - chief among them how Flint was told about Hinawa's death - but what happened with Claus? It just - agh. It felt like Lucas should at least have time to grieve. When Flint said something to the effect of forgiving Claus for being hasty, I was underwhelmed. I felt like there was nothing to forgive and that Lucas knew that.

Thank you for giving voice to that. Especially the part where you mentioned "his betrayed anger at his mother." While I understand that Claus was trapped in a life and body that were no longer his own, there was something about Hinawa prodding him to commit suicide that disturbed me. I kind of felt gipped. I kind of felt that after Lucas gave his all to stop the Pigmasks and revitalize the planet it was just cruel to deny him his brother.

Of course, I'm projecting all of this onto Lucas. Who knows? Maybe he felt relieved that Claus finally found peace and went to be with their mother. I just prefer your rendition of his reaction to that one.

This piece's conclusion reminded me of two things. First, that you kept true to the open ending of the game and left room for hope. Honestly, it's my interpretation that awakening the Dragon wouldn't revive those who had died. This is partly because it feels cheap to me that after everything the characters went through, as if reversing all that was wronged would deprive the game of meaning. Still, the fact that you kept it somewhat open-ended made the piece feel very honest.

The second reminder was of a strange question I had at the end of the game. When the "pass your heart on to the Dragon" dialogue is mentioned, I wondered if they meant that literally. Would Lucas literally give the Dragon his heart and thereby become the Dragon himself? If so, the meaning of that line ("His world and hope have come to and end. But that means means he can create a new one") just becomes all the more powerful.

Like /Through the Haze/, this was incredibly immersive and tactile. It was sharp and aching, and you portrayed everything so honestly that it was beautiful. This is an excellent piece.

Sorry for the rambling praise and impressions. As I mentioned, I'm still kind of in shock from the ending. The fact that this piece affected me so greatly is a sign of your talent as a writer, which is enormous. Thank you for writing and sharing this.
1/29/2012 c1 4StrawberryKiwiBanana
Nice fic

I like how you captured Lucas's emotions during the final boss.


~Peace,Love, and Cookies~


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