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10/20 c37 9Herooftimes
I've been quite enjoying the story so far. Of course Bulma (who I refer to in my head as Bulma Black, similar to Goku Black) still seems like she's the greatest danger to all humankind.

I find it extra hilarious and fitting that Goku, Mr. Give-Villains-a-chance who also knows his own Bulma - even he's like 'Yeah Kara I don't see Bulma Black turning good'.
2/17 c88 sergio armella
falta el capitulo 89, no esta en la lista.
1/10 c88 Jair
Will you use gohan's new transformation (gohan beast) to defeat cell?
12/29/2022 c88 FORTER6999999
new chapter plzzzz waiting for 4 years running now
12/20/2022 c1 Geurtg
IncreĆ­ble historia
4/20/2022 c88 Guest
Can you share the main components of the rest of the story in a bullet point form or something?
4/9/2022 c88 Riptide752
Hope to see you return to finish this amazing story one day I remember reading it years ago and dropping it during Dorian parts. Came back a week ago and reread the whole thing truly grateful to you for writing this I can only imagine the great ending
4/7/2022 c79 GymNatty321
your refusal to kill Bulma on multiple logical occasion ruins the story setting.
4/7/2022 c48 GymNatty321
man Bulma deserves to be beaten the shit out off and killed
4/6/2022 c21 GymNatty321
Bulma is a absolute snake 10/10 character creation here.
4/6/2022 c13 GymNatty321
will Bulma ever be punished for this shit?
1/15/2022 c1 7Wally991
Aaaahhh I just love how proud he's of Goku
11/22/2021 c13 jeindall777
Bardock is acting like Dumbledore in the Harry Potter Series. Every action he takes must take Kakarot/Harry into consideration to defeat the necessary evil (Frieza/Voldemort)
11/22/2021 c11 jeindall777
Bardock's being petty by telling Vegeta tales of him and his mother
8/3/2021 c39 12AstroZ
So Gohan is basically Goten right now, no tail, same hairstyle.
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