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9/6/2020 c12 Erica18
Continue por favor.
12/15/2017 c5 9Purple Myst
OMG Seven hot guys all having Hermione's attention in different ways and she is only 13 wow... I wish I had that kind of luck back then lol
8/3/2014 c1 killer4853
3/11/2014 c12 3Terrence Rogue
This was kind of awesome. I love kickass Hermione and she was truly impressive in this story. Spike and Faith were wonderful and I could have read several more chapters of just Hermione bantering with them.

Im looking forward to the next story!
6/5/2013 c12 Autumn DeMayne
OMG. I loved this story so much!
9/9/2012 c12 dreamcatcherinthemoonlight
I LOVE this story! It's great!
4/19/2012 c2 GoodLuckHuntress
So I've alreadt read this story multiple times and love it, although I don't see why it's rated M, it seems like T to me. Any way, I was reading it when I saw this line in chapter 2 -

"I was laughing at the stupid vamp," Faith shook her head. "Honestly? She smells good? He expects a fourteen year old girl to just jump up and marry him because he thinks she smells good?"

I was wondering if this was a veiled insult at Twilight. I noticed it because I was thinking about Twilight earlier and about how... different some of the themes are ( sorry to any Twilight fans, it's just not my thing) But, I mean, replace fourteen year old with teenage and you have the plot of Twilight

Bella "Edwards hot, his smell acts like an inhalent, and he's technically a dead body ( this is Necrophilia, look it up)

Edward " Bella's plain, but I am somehow amazingly attracted to her. She smells so good if she got a simple paper cut I would probably drink all her good and I am like a century older than her ( and there's the Pedophilia) but that doesn't matter, we will just get married and that will solve everything"

Okay, this was a really weird review, but I am a random person and just was wondering. Again, no offense meant to Twilight fans, I am just not a fan, but to each his own.
3/18/2012 c12 afrodite
This is so much better than the actual movie and advise that everyone read it. READ IT LIVE IT LOVE IT! :)
2/19/2012 c12 1Granger Danger 23
His was my first crossover fic and I must say I loved it.

From start to finish! The plot was a amazing and te characters were fantastic!

Now I can't wait to read the second story!

Take Care

Nelly XD
2/15/2012 c12 Booklover9477
Awesome chapter! Yay I'm glad the sequel should be up by now cuz I am so following it :). Aww you mentioned me in your authors note *sniffles and wipes away fake tear* ;). Well see ya and keep up the great work! ~ laila :k
2/15/2012 c12 5Dark Neko 4000
WhAt going to happen next
2/15/2012 c12 kylynnjen
You know it's really hard to pull off a crossover between 2 fandoms let alone 3, but I have to say that you did a fantasic job on this one. It was well written with an excellent plotline. I loved the relationships you built in this story and I'm excited to see how it all plays out in the sequel.
2/15/2012 c12 29MysticalKC
Amazing! I love it! :D
2/14/2012 c11 Booklover9477
Awesome chapter! Wow I am so excited! Can't wait to read more, Laila :k
2/14/2012 c11 MysticalKC
Amazing chapter! I love it! Please update soon! :D
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